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Salat the five daily prayers

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This is a general introduction to the Rites of Islam. However, this page is devoted to Salat the five daily prayers. Introduction To Rites Of Islam

Establishing Faith in the Quran as complete guide to Salat;

The biggest obstacle for any newbie who has been acquainted to Quran recently is to fully believe that only Quran is required for our religious guidance. This guidance include the derivation of five principles of practice in Islam, Proclamation of belief, Salat the five daily prayers, Zakat the obligatory charity, Hajj the pilgrimage to Mecca, and Fasting in the month of Ramadan.

In order to gently introduce the reader into depth of the Quran the following few articles I hope would give the reader a gravitas to feel more comfortable to accept that it is possible that these principle rites of Islam could be derived from the Quran. And in this instance the Salat details.

Salat is a important part of Islam!

Why is it important to do Salat from the Quran? Does it say anywhere in the Quran that Salat should be from the Quran direct or implied find out in Salat should be from Quran Alone

Muhammad was not revealed all the details of how to do Salat untill chapter 50 which is chapter 17 now A proof that all Salat details were revealed after chapter 17

So can the people who do not read Salat (emphasis on Salat) from the Quran be your (believers) real allies? According to Quran the Real allies are those who read salat from the Quran

Who are the real alies of the believers. Of course they have to be other believers. But not just that, they have to give Zakat according to the Quran (17:26-30) and recite the Salat from the Quran. Allies to the believers are those who do Salat and Zakat from the Quran they also bow down

In the following section "Salat from the Quran", there are complete codes for all daily Salat's, which should remove any doubt regarding how to do Salat. However, Dr Rashad Khalifa's followers insist on reading the "Shahada" in the Salat! This page clarifies this issue, by proving that "Shahada" is not required in the Salat; Is Shahada required in the Salat?

Although all Muslims know to Face Kabaa whilst reciting Salat the actual verse is not clear of this fact. Now using the Miracle of 19 this fact has been clarified. Face Kabaa Whilst reciting Salat

What does one recite whilst in the kneeling position in Salat.What to recite while in the kneeling position in Salat!

Why can the Shahada or the proclamation of Islam cannot be read in the kneeling position in the Salat! What not to recite in the kneeling position in the Salat

Salat from the Quran;

Now after going through the articles in the previous section the reader is more encouraged to understand and follow the derivation of the Key Principles behind the process of derivation of Salat from the Quran. Here is the derivation of Salat from the Quran, using the Miracle of 19.

Do we have to make intentions before reciting Salat? Find out here

There have been claims by various people that they have managed Salat from Quran, but looking closely none have. This is the first where Salat is totally derived from the Quran. An Introduction & Brief history of Salat

Before we get into the process of derivation of Salat from the Quran, we need to divulge into the ever so popular topic of 3 Salats vs 5 Salats debate briefly. 3 Salats Fact or Fiction

This page is where the main derivation of Salat takes place. Derivation of Salat from Quran

This is the mathematical proofs supporting the derivation of Salat above; Final Confirmation of Salat in code

Alla'h Ho Akbar or Alla'h Ho Kabeer? What to say in Salat, Alla'h Ho Akbar or Alla'h Ho Kabeer?

All Muslims recite Salat in Arabic but very few know why. Today by the Miracle of 19 we prove why! Salat should be recited in Arabic

Salat explained in simple steps

Much improved format, graphics and eligibility for the two illustrative guides below;

illustrative guide to 2 unit Fajr Salat - in Arabic

illustrative guide to 2 unit Fajr Salat - in English

Salat explained for the beginner