By Ijaz Chaudry

Usage of Allah Akbar and Allah Al-Kabeer in the Salat;

You can use either of the two phrases in the Salat, Allah Akbar or Allah Al-Kabeer but you will not be able to verify it in the same manner as the Salat’s are coded. The reason for that is as follows;

1)      (17:111) is talking about “magnify Him constantly”, indeed this translates in to saying either   Allahu Akbar or Allah Al-Kabeer both these phrases are magnifying the greatness of God. But that is not all we also Glorify God when we bow and prostrate which is also part of “magnify Him constantly” (we will come to that later).

2)      (17:111) we Praise when we read Key in standing position, and when we read (17:111) in kneeling position.

Now we find out why we cannot code Allahu Akbar or Allah O Kabeer in Salat codes;

·         The Salat codes are the chapter and verse numbers from the Quran concatenated together to show their relationship, and I know that there is no chapter and a verse in the Quran which just says Allah Akbar or Allah Al-Kabeer, therefore it gets inconsistent if we put geometric values with this lot.

·         So you might say we use geometric values with chapter and verses in the Quran to explain a verse so why can’t we do that here? The answer is simple, because in the Quran we are explaining the verse and the word of which we use the geometric value has specific place in that verse.

·         But here the chapter and verses used are different entities to the two phrases Allah Akbar or Allah Al- Kabeer, for example the Key has no relationship with it because these two phrases are separate entities and are not part of the Key.

·         Also in the Salat code each chapter verse pair is one attribute or step of the Salat, when we read the Key we are standing (a step or attribute), when we bow we read a verse… but with Allah Akbar or Allah Al-Kabeer we are in transitional period i.e. we are moving from one step or attribute to another, therefore cannot be categorised as a step.

However, Allah Akbar and Allah Al-Kabeer can be coded with Salat in another way as follows;

[5:101]  O you who believe, do not ask about matters which, if revealed to you prematurely, would hurt you. If you ask about them in light of the Quran, they will become obvious to you. GOD has deliberately overlooked them. GOD is Forgiver, Clement.

This verse emphasises the fact that there are few things left out in the Quran which could be explained in the light of the Quran. So these two phrases are just one of these things. But how can we be sure that Allah Akbar and Allah Al-Kabeer are part of Salat and can be visualised by observing rest of the Quran; well when you take geometric values of Allah Akbar = 66 & 223, Allah Al-Kabeer = 66 & 264 and geometric value of Salat’s = 562 and add these values together with the verse (5:101) we get complete multiple of 19; 101 + 562 + 223 + 264 + 66 = 1216 = 64 X 19; confirming the fact that both these phrases are part of the Salat, based on the fact that they are associated with Salat in the light of the Quran, meaning (17:111) and “magnify Him constantly”. There are two things about the code which you might find confusing, first I did not use the chapter number in the code, the coding trend dictates that if a verse is unique throughout the Quran then we can use that verse on its own in the code and this verse is unique, the second point is, we have used the geometric value of Allah only once, this is another trend of the codes which is it does not use duplications, you can see this happening in other codes in the Quran Translation for example.

Another code associated with (5:101) confirms the fact that all Salats from Abraham and now were same in context, but different in  language;. When we take geometric value of “Salat” rather than “the Salats” and add it to verse 101 of chapter 5 we get complete multiple of 19. Here it seems that the word “Salat” with its unusual spelling is taken as a concept which unite all Salats since Abraham into one; meaning they were the same;

Geomtric value of Salat = 526; 526 + 101 = 627 = 33 X 19.

Position 3 is “Principle or Rule clarified” indeed this code goes behind the principles or rules of Salat which confirms that the Salat has been same since Abraham.