Real allies of the believers are those who read Salat from the Quran;

By Ijaz Chaudry


This article does not fully define (5:55). For the full understanding of (5:55) please go to the following url;




This article defines part of (5:55), in particular the validity of Salat from the Quran;


Background history, in the early days;

In order to get better understanding of how the Salat was driven from the Quran, a little background history is necessary, to find out under what circumstances all this came about;


After the death of Dr Rashad Khalifa, there were two major groups formed within the followers of Dr Rashad Khalifa. Group one total followers of Dr Rashad Khalifa further split into “Musjid Tucson” and “”. These two splinter groups are still in existence. Group two also further split into two, the Quran alone recipients and those who mixed what Dr Rashad Khalifa brought with what the Quran says. Group two still exist in various different guises, such as led by Edip Yaksel and other smaller groups.


So where am I within these communities? I am in neither of these groups. I am stand alone, accepting anyone who believes in God, believes in the Last Day and lead a good life (5:69) as a Muslim (submitter) from any religion or sect.


So it all started, nearly 30 years ago after I received the message of worshiping God alone and my research started, I was in the middle of this turmoil of deciding either stay with the total followers of Dr Rashad Khalifa or mix of what Dr Rashad Khalifa brought and what the Quran is saying. After lot of consideration and too and froing I decided to follow the most sensible path in my opinion, which was to follow Dr Rashad Khalifa to the extent that it coincides with what the Quran says. If what Dr Rashad Khalifa says does not coincide with the Quran, then look for another solution. In quest for finding new solutions I came across mathematical miracle of 19. I had seen Dr Rashad Khalifa using the geometric value of his name and concatenating it with verses of the Quran in order to prove his messenger ship. He used this phenomenon only sparingly; this was the start of my journey to reveal mysteries of the Quran. My first attempt was to use the geometric values of all the messengers from Prophet Muhammad to now and mathematically apply that to the verses of the Quran, in order to find which verse is specific with which messenger. This quest took me few years any spare moment was consumed in doing this; I did this in the whole of the Quran. My belief became stronger in the coding system when these coding systems appear to be rational and made complete sense. At about the same time I was refining the coding system called “Position”, “Level” and “Temporal connection”. This coding system worked well with the work I was doing which gave me encouragement to use the coding system with other entity geometric values. And the rest is history.


The essence of my research was to find all details of religious knowledge totally from the Quran. This included Salat. Indeed the Salat which Dr Rashad Khalifa prescribed had one or two short comings. For example, the Salat which Dr Rashad Khalifa practiced and asked his followers to observe had the recitation of Shahada or proclamation of Islam in the kneeling position. When I came to find the code for Salat I immediately hit the stumbling block. What I had found about the coding mechanism of 19 was that the coding system used logic and common sense. And I was after one consistent code with all verbal attributes of Salat. For the code to be consistent it was important that the whole code used chapter and verse numbers wherever possible. Although the Shahada is in a verse in the Quran, the verses do not imply in any way or form that it belonged to any entity like Salat. Please see more information in the following link;




The role of (17:110-111) and the Quran in finding Salat details;

The criterion for my search was to find codes for Salats where most of the codes include chapter and verses from the Quran. The only Salat code which included external entity is Salat Al-Jumma or the Friday Congregational prayers, where geometric value of the Arabic word Khutba is included in the code. The word Khutba means Sermon. Every Friday Salat includes Khutba. Khutba replaces two Raka or units of Salat. The Friday Salat is a noon prayers where only two Raka or units of Salat is read, instead of normal 4 units Salat. Apart from this all other Salat codes are totally chapter and verse numbers.


It took me few years before I cracked the Salat codes with God’s leave. This coding system then progressed to explain all daily Salats including the Friday Salat (Salat Al-Jumma). Since the codes for Salat’s worked for all cases of Salat, two Raka (units), three Raka (units), four Raka (units) Isha (night prayers) and Salat Al-Jummah (Friday prayers) there is no doubt that the instructions in the form of 19 based codes of the daily Salats are correct.


The synopses of Salat are in two verses which is its symbolic representation. These two verses are (17:110-111). These two verses help make connection with other verses in the Quran, which may also be talking about Salat. One such example is included in this article.



[5:55]  Your real allies are GOD and His messenger, and the believers who observe the Contact Prayers (Salat), and give the obligatory charity (Zakat), and they bow down.


     Tone of the Contact Prayers (Salat)


[17:110]  Say, "Call Him GOD, or call Him the Most Gracious; whichever name you use, to Him belongs the best names." You shall not utter your Contact Prayers (Salat) too loudly, nor secretly; use a moderate tone.


[17:111]  And say: "Praise be to GOD, who has never begotten a son, nor does He have a partner in His kingship, nor does He need any ally out of weakness," and magnify Him constantly.


A thing to consider here is that the Salat by Wahhabi’s is different from Salat done by Shiite’s and the Salat done by Hanafi’s is different from the previous two, so the question arises which Salat is correct and is the one mentioned in (5:55)?


Following are number of codes, validating and confirming the source of the Salat mentioned in (5:55);


The following is a breakdown of the geometric value of the Al-Quran, based on the transliteration of Arabic letters which constitutes the word Al-Quran. The values of these letters are added to get the final complete geometric value of the Arabic word Al-Quran. The following code confirms strong correlation between verse number 55 of chapter number 5 and the gv of Al-Quran; 


Alif = 1, Laam = 30, Qaf = 100, Rae = 200, Alif = 1, Noon = 50 when we add these we get 382. This is the geometric value of Al-Quran.


*by using verse 55 of chapter 5 and the geometric value of Al-Quran we get a code which is complete multiple of 19 as follows;


55 + 382 = 437 = 23 * 19 or 437 / 190 = 2.3;


The strong correlation between verse 55 and gv of Al-Quran, suggests that the Salat mentioned in this verse should be from the Quran alone.


The Position 3 describes “Principle or Rule clarified”, indeed this Position helps us put two and two together and confirm what has been said in (5:55) which is that the true allies of the believers are those who read Salat from the Quran. This indeed is simple but effective way to find out who you can rely on for the propagation and progression of the religion.

Emphasis on Salat from the Quran;

For the next code we will employ (17:46) and produce a code with (5:55). But first we will look at (17:46) in depth to understand what the correct translation is for this verse. Two translations are compared one by Dr Rashad Khalifa and the other by Al-Muzzammil;


By Rashad;

[17:46]  We place shields around their minds, to prevent them from understanding it, and deafness in their ears. And when you preach your, Lord, using the Quran alone, they run away in aversion.



By Al-Muzzammil;

[17:46]  We place shields around their hearts, to prevent them from understanding it, and deafness in their ears. And when you mention your, Lord, using the Quran alone, they run away in aversion.


The two highlighted words in the two translations above are different, “By Rashad” uses the word “minds” and “By Al-Muzzammil” uses the word “hearts”. The actual Arabic word used in this verse is “Qolobahim” which translated into English means hearts. So why use “hearts” in this verse when “minds” make more sense. Indeed we know from the following verse that Quran is full of wisdom. So what is the wisdom here?


 (36:2) And the Quran that is full of wisdom…


Metaphorically speaking heart is associated with passion, and adoration. So now if we look at this verse using the word “hearts” in this context, it makes sense!!!


Indeed it reveals what the word “shields” mean in this verse. The word “shields” in this verse is indeed adoration, and passion of the disbelievers for their idols. And that is what makes them avert.


If we had used the word “minds” instead of “hearts” in this verse the word “shields” would not had been understood, the way it is now. Therefore, it is important to stick with the Arabic words in the verses wherever possible


Now we tackle the code which binds (17:46) with (5:55) in unity. Briefly speaking (17:46) informs us that Salat should only be from the Quran please read (17:46) and (5:55) recognises the fact that those who read Salat from Quran alone are allies of one another. Please read the description of the code below;


46 55 = 245 x 19 or 46 55 / 190 = 24.5


Both (17:46) and (5:55) are unique in the Quran thus this code is valid.  The Temporal connection (17:46) left most which means this comes first, which is true one has to recite the correct Salat first and only then you become ally of those who do the same. (5:55) right most hence comes later. The Position 5 describes “Gift” indeed this code confirms the fact that the correct Salat should be from the Quran alone This concept is a great gift from God, for today’s generation of the righteous believers.


The following code confirms that indeed Muhammad was a messenger who also read Salat and gave Zakat from the Quran.


*92 is the Gv of Muhammad. Following is breakdown of Arabic letters of the Arabic word Muhammad;


meem = 40 + Hae = 8 + Meem = 40 + Dhaal = 4 = 92.


The code which is the addition of the gv, chapter and verses like this implies that it is an application of the facts of these verses.  Indeed Muhammad was a living example of a messenger who read Salat from the Quran and gave Zakat from the Quran.


5 + 55 + 92 = 152 = 8 x 19 or 152 / 190 = 8;


The Position 8 describes “Issues”, indeed this verse could create issues, regarding what it means despite these codes.  Issues like “we follow Rashad in Salat and he was a messenger”.  However the codes are clear that the two messengers addressed in (5:55) do not include “Rashad”, they are Muhammad and Al-Muzzammil (see later). Rashad’s gv is not multiple with this verse.  This does mean that Rashad’s way of doing Salat was not totally from the Quran. This fact is evident by comparing Al-Muzzammil (aka Ijaz Chaudry’s) instructions of the Salat and Rashad’s, they are not the same one is from the Quran entirely and the other partly.


Also today Al-Muzzammil, is also reading the Salat and pay Zakat as mentioned in (5:55);


(73:1) is a verse where Al-Muzzammil, today’s messenger is addressed.


5 55 73 1 = 29249 x 19 or 5 55 73 1 / 190 = 2924.9;


The Temporal connection is (5:55) most recent because Quran and thus this revelation (5:55) already existed at the time when Al-Muzzammil was born, it came first and later (73:1) Al-Muzzammil arrived. The Position 9 describes “Provision”, indeed God is explaining to us through the mathematical miracle of 19 who our real allies are. This is a great provision and one such ally of the believers is Al-Muzzammil.



Also (17:110-111) is the symbolic representation of Salat;


When we add 110 + 111 we get 221, which concatenated as below give multiple of 19;


5 55 17 221 = 2921959 x 19 or 5 55 17 221 / 190 = 292195.9;


The Temporal connection in this code is that (5:55) most recent because the correction of Salat and payment of Zakat has been done recently by Al-Muzzammil while the Salat (17:110-111) has been in existence since the Quran was revealed over 1400 years ago. The Position is 9 describes “Provision” indeed this code is a provision from God. This provision consists code confirming that the Salat mentioned in (5:55) should be from the Quran alone.


There are two other verses in the Quran which also mention “allies” but these verses are different in context to (5:55). These two verses again mention Salat and Zakat, and are multiple of 19 when concatenated with (17:110-111). When we add 110 & 111, which are the verses from chapter 17 we get 221. Next when we add 71 & 72 which are the verses from chapter 9 we get 143. When we concatenate these totals with their corresponding chapters we get complete multiple of 19;


[9:71]  The believing men and women are allies of one another. They advocate righteousness and forbid evil, they observe the Contact Prayers (Salat) and give the obligatory charity (Zakat), and they obey GOD and His messenger. These will be showered by GOD's mercy. GOD is Almighty, Most Wise.

[9:72]  GOD promises the believing men and the believing women gardens with flowing streams, wherein they abide forever, and magnificent mansions in the gardens of Eden. And GOD's blessings and approval are even greater. This is the greatest triumph.



9 143 17 221 = 48121959 x 19 or 9 143 17 221 / 190 = 4812195.9 position 9.


This code signifies the fact that the believers who will be included in making to heaven will be those who read Salat from the Quran. This code further confirms (5:55) by saying in (9:71) “The believing men and women are allies of one another” they are allies on the condition that they read Salat from the Quran. Temporal connection chapter 9 verses 71-72 left most .i.e. most recent, because Quran is talking about today’s believers while (17:110-111) the details of Salat have been in circulation since Muhammad’s time and are historical.  Position 9 describes provision indeed Salat is provision from God to nourish our souls and make it to Heaven.


Glory be to the Almighty