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Relevance of Miracle of 19

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How does the Position and Level work as parity or varification of the Miracle of 19 Codes.

In response to recent confirmation of Historical Trail of origins of Bible, here is inbuilt Historical Trail of the Quran confirmed through the Methematical Miracle of 19. Confirmation of Historical Trail of the Quran

Calculus is branch of Mathematics which finds the 'Rate of Change', when we apply Calculus to the codes we receive beautifull revelations between verses showing historical changes between the verses Calculus Applied to the Codes

Benford's law, also called the first-digit law, refers to the frequency distribution of digits in many (but not all) real-life sources of data. There are over 100, 19 based codes related to 3 messengers, Muhammad, Rashad and Al-Muzzammil which abide by this law. Hence Benford's Law and the Codes

The verse speaks and tells us that 19 based codes are revelations from GOD, and those who do not believe in it are the disbelievers. Thus Nineteen based code in the Quran is a revelation

 This page confirms that the Miracle of 19 completes the detail in the Quran. Thus Quran can be clarified by miracle of the Quran number 19

The Quran states many times that it is fully detailed. One way to detail the Quran is by using Miracle of 19 and geometric values of entities around us. There are several examples of this in this web site. This particular page clarifies how does the Miracle of 19 synergise the Quran. Thus Quran is fully detailed & Miracle of 19

Dr Rashad Khalifa's translation of verse (17:46) leaves doubt in mind that Islam can only be preached by Quran Alone. Find out correct translation of this verse. Thus One can preach God from other sources beside Quran

Abraham wanted to assure his heart that God exists, Moses wanted to see God Physically, similarly any believer would like to be assured that God exists. This page confirms that this assurance can be achieved by many means including the derivation of codes based on the Miracle of 19. Thus All believers need assurance

(4:137) says Those who believe then disbelieve.... But who are these people. You can find out in this page. In this page the 19 based codes are used to find "measure of change" to relate to other codes to reveal new information.

From my experience of researching the Quran for over 20 years, the revelations which I received some were evolved over the time and I had to reject some revelations and replace these with new revelations. I believe to certain extent when Rashad was translating the Quran, each time some changes were made to the new translations. Thus Al-Muzzammil rejects some revelations given to him

Quranic proof based on Mathematical Miracle of 19 what are the correct names and cities of the chapters of the Quran and which cities were they revealed in!