By Ijaz Chaudry

19 Based Calculations by Example;

Concept of 19 based miracle;

God communicates with the believers through inspiration.  The mathematical miracle of 19 (74:30-35) is one way to confirm that your inspiration is indeed from God.

     How God Communicates With Us

[42:51]  No human being can communicate with GOD except through inspiration, or from behind a barrier, or by sending a messenger through whom He reveals what He wills. He is the Most High, Most Wise.

19 also removes, traces of doubts regarding verses of the Quran. Before the advent of the miracle of 19, and the arrival of Al-Muzzammil, Muslims found it difficult to extract all the information they required about Islam from the Quran. The reason for this was that there was a lot of information in the Quran which was hidden and only through the usage of miracle of 19 that this information came to light. Today, Muslims do not require Hadith or Sunna to find information about Islam, because Quran is sufficient. The Quran allows external entities of the world to co-exist with it, thus the scope of all information regarding Islam can be derived with the help of Miracle 19 and the Quran. Muslims had contention with Salat not been detailed in the Quran, which enforced their belief that Quran is not fully detailed and they need Hadith and Sunna to derive Salat details. Today, with the help of miracle of 19, all Salat details have been found and catalogued; in fact all rites of Islam are fully detailed and catalogued in the Quran.

There are some fundamental steps to learn before we delve into examples, as a group these steps are to do with Statistical Analysis;

Statistical Analysis;

Statistical Analysis, is used for forming aggregates, based on “Position”, “Level” and “Temporal connection”, these three concepts will be described later. At the moment all you need to know is that each of these aggregates represent; its unique set of information

Temporal Connection;

The “Temporal connection” as the name suggests is to do with time. The easiest way to explain this would be to imagine a number (code) written in English numerals from left to right. Let’s say the first 4 digits of the number consist of 2 digits for chapter of the Quran, and 2 digits for the verse of the Quran. There are 4 digits on the right of it which are the geometric values of Arabic words pertaining relevant revelations regarding the chapter and verse in the code. All this constitutes a code. The, 4 digits on the left means that these 4 digits are to do with present or the future while the rest of the code on the right is past or historic data. By categorising code into these two segments at a glance one is able to associate derived information from the code to the context of the verse which the code relates to. This provides an acid test to confirm or reject the code. If the context of the verse matches the time zones of the code than it is valid code else it could be rejected.


The best way to describe “Position” will be by applying the method to deduce “Position” of each imaginary code. To do this follow the instructions provided below and add seventh and eight rows in the following table. This hopefully will give some experience and confidence in understanding the concept of “Position”. It is simple principle to understand when it is practiced. However, it gets bit verbose when describing the mechanism. The description of this mechanism follows, but strong advice is to practice the technique to get “Position” first. R 2 and R 5 are the examples of imaginary 19 based codes which in reality would be driven from the Quran;

1.     R 2 Col 1 add 19 to get row 2 Col 2 = 38

2.     R 2 Col 2 add 19 to get row 2 Col 3 = 57

3.     R 2 Col 3 add 19 to get row 2 Col 4 = 76

4.     Continue this process for each column on row 2 until Col 10 is reached

5.     Divide value of each column by 190 to get the decimal answer as shown R 4 in the table below

Once you have done this you have grasped the whole mechanism. Try row 5 and 6. Now if you feel confident try creating new rows which are not in the table. You will see that a pattern is emerging where Col 1 going down the column will always have decimal answer of 1, Col 2 going down the column will always have decimal answer of 2 and so on. This is the crunch point of the mechanism where each column will have unique decimal answer which will be the “Position” of the code i.e. Col 1 going down will always have “Position” 1, Col 2 “Position” 2 and so on. Col 10 is classed as wild card and has no “Position”. To start the new row, add 19 to the value of Col 10 of the previous 19 based row;


Col 1

Col 2

Col 3

Col 4

Col 5

Col 6

Col 7

Col 8

Col 9

Col 10
























































Positions 1 to 9 and its descriptions;



Position 1

Scenario Described

Position 2

Command used in various situations

Position 3

Principle or Rule clarified

Position 4

Act of Righteousness

Position 5


Position 6


Position 7


Position 8


Position 9



The description of the tables;

There are two tables requiring description. First table which is highlighted with grey and red is the table where “Position” is calculated. This table shows a pattern. This pattern is easy to observe. Please observe Col 1 going from top to bottom and look at, in particular the numbers in red. You will see that in R 4 and R 6 of Col 1 the decimal value is always 1.

Now observe the next column you will see that the decimal value is always 2, and the next column has decimal value of 3, this increment by 1 continues until the 9th column. The 10th column does not have decimal answer, and this is a special case and is called a wild card. This wild card pertains, all the qualities of all the columns from 1 to 9.

Since mathematics is a precise science the above mentioned calculation always remain the same no matter how many rows of 19 based codes are included as long as these codes always stay within 10 columns.

The second table describes what each “Position” means. These descriptions are derived from observing lots of codes with all 9 “Positions” and taking consensus of each “Position”. This consensus is then translated into words to describe most appropriately what each “Position” means.


Now the tenth value in the above rows has the value called level and if the code when divided by 190 gives us whole number has a value of wild card.  This means that the code is true for any one of the above descriptions or all descriptions based on what the context of the verses and entities are (See examples later).

Within 19 based calculations the concept of Geometric Values need to be considered;

Little note about Geometric values;

At the time of Muhammad there were no numerals, and the Arabic alphabets had associated values which acted as numerals following are the Arabic alphabets with their numeric values;






























Geometric Values table

The geometric value’s as they are called is used in calculating the 19 based codes.  For example the geometric value of Muhammad is “Mim x 2” which is 80 +” Ha’” which is 8 + “Dal” which is 4 which adds up to 92.  Thus 92, is a gv of Muhammad.  Similarly other entities gv’s can be calculated and used in 19 based codes.  The geometric values of names of people and places are calculated by adding the geometric values of each Arabic letter. You will see examples where I have used gv’s.

What are Level or Themes;



Level or Theme

Description of the Theme








Related to righteousness




Include Missing Information




Verses which can be extrapolated




Detailing Information




Messenger related








Muhammad related


& greater


Misconceptions clarified


Whilst the Position above gave specific description for that code the Level or Theme gives more general description of the code. The “Start” and “End” columns represent the limitations of each level. This basically mean that for example Level “1” can only be code 19, Level “2” could have codes of 38, 57, 76, 95, 114, 133, 152, 171, 190 …, 361. Thus the Level also means how many times 19 has to be multiplied with itself to create “End” column figures for example Level 3 is 19 x 19 x 19 = 6859 which is the “End” column figure row 3. Each Theme has a meaning which is its description. The description is a result of trawling through the codes and relating the common context of the verses involved with those codes. Thus if you like the descriptions are the census of all codes within a Level. Just a little note about the “Start” column, the figures derived in this column are the previous “End” column figure to which 19 is added, for example “End” column figure is 361 for row 2, than the “Start” column figure for row 3 will be 380 which is 361 + 19 = 380. All codes are driven from the Quran, all codes are multiple of 19 and sit in any one of these “Levels”.

Following are examples of all the different types of codes which anyone could encounter;

Example 1 constitutes a code where one adds;

[6:96]  At the crack of dawn, He causes the morning to emerge. He made the night still, and He rendered the sun and the moon to serve as calculation devices. Such is the design of the Almighty, the Omniscient.

There are 12 months in a lunar year as well as Solar year and there are 12 hours in a day and 12 hours in a night.  Thus when we add the chapter, verse numbers above where it states that sun and the moon are calculating devices with 12 we get 114 which is 19 x 6 or 114 / 190 = 0.6.  Confirming, yet again mathematically that the sun and the moon recognize the timing system of this world by God’s leave.  The Position 6 describes “Caution”, indeed the number 12 used in the code needs certain amount of caution, because it represent many things, months in a year and also hours in the night and hours in the day. Since the code 114 sits in-between 38 and 361 in the ‘Level or Theme’ table we also have another verification and clarification of this code this verification is more general in nature when compared with Position values. Here the ‘Theme’ is 2 which means ‘Related to righteousness’ indeed this code matches the context of the verse and agrees that the Sun and the Moon are calculating devices, confirming the fact that this code is right.

Example 2 constitutes a code where one concatenates;

While concatenating starting from left to right a “Temporal connection” exists between entities.  Temporal meaning time oriented, .i.e. left most present or future, while right most, the oldest historically, in this order.  This is parity put in by the God Almighty to confirm that the code is correct.  Whilst calculating the codes this “Temporal Connection” would exist for valid codes.  However, as a rule of thumb the “Temporal Connection” should not be confirmed before the code is found, because before the code exists we do not know what God has revealed to us.

Also when you concatenate 24 hours, 12 months and 364 days in a year in that order with this verse you get complete multiple of 19.  Indeed hours came first, 24 hours makes a day, and then comes the 12 months than 364 days which concludes a year. This order is consistent with the “Temporal connection” as a subset of whole. Thus Quran recognises 24 hour day;

6 96 24 12 364 = 366442756 x 19 or 6 96 24 12 364 / 190 = 36644275.6

The Position 6 describes caution, there are 12 months in both lunar and solar years, therefore caution should be taken in this code because this code verifies solar year.  One cannot verify lunar year because the days in month alternate more often and are not consistent.  The Temporal connection is correct because the day, month and year are in historic order and (6:96) which informs us about this calculation came first, because at the time of Muhammad it was the lunar years which they went by, thus (6:69) applies to today’s generation thus left most. Also this code sits between 1698356323 and greater in ‘Level or Theme’ table which is ‘Level’ 9 which describes ‘Misconceptions clarified’, indeed the code and the Position clarifies the misconception that Quran only acknowledges Lunar years, because this code confirms that Quran also acknowledges Solar years.

Isha Salat (Night prayer) and 12 AM time limit;

The above two examples help understand Quran better, also more significantly it confirms that the Isha cannot be read after midnight.  Because the code confirms the fact that Quran recognise 24 hours and splitting of day into 12 hour portions and that after midnight it starts a new day and it is AM and not PM.  Thus as you can see the mathematical miracle of 19 enhances the understanding of the Quran.

Example 3 constitutes concatenation of two chapters and there verses;

[5:38] The thief, male or female, you shall mark their hands as a punishment for their crime, and to serve as an example from GOD. GOD is Almighty, Most Wise.

[5:39] If one repents after committing this crime, and reforms, GOD redeems him. GOD is Forgiver, Most Merciful.

[12:31] When she heard of their gossip, she invited them, prepared for them a comfortable place, and gave each of them a knife. She then said to him, "Enter their room." When they saw him, they so admired him, that they cut their hands. They said, "Glory be to GOD, this is not a human being; this is an honourable angel."

These verses are definitely connected e.g. 5:38-39 is a punishment for those who steal in the Quran, the word used is cut their hands, however, (12:31) also uses the same word cut their hands, however, this is the instance where the neighbouring women saw Joseph for the first time and they were smitten by his looks and cut their hands. It is obvious that they did not amputate their hands, thus the word cut is less severe and it means mark in (5:38-39), but how can we prove this, using our method we concatenate (5:38-39) to (12:31) and the number is completely multiple of 19, once again proving our point that marking hand in (5:38-39) is the correct punishment for a thief 12 31 5 38 39= 6481781*19 or 12 31 5 38 39 / 190 = 648178.1. The Temporal connection is (12:31) describes how severe is the cut (i.e. mark) this is more recent because it applies to today’s generation however (5:38-39) has been used in the past i.e. without knowing the severity of “Cut” i.e. amputating the hands…  Position 1 is scenario described and indeed both sets of verses in the code have different scenario’s which this code brought together to make a different point. The ‘Level’ is 7 which is ‘Theme’ ‘Disbelievers’. Indeed the disbelievers do literally chop thief’s hands as a punishment for steeling which is very harsh law and verified here to be wrong.

Example 4 constitutes code where geometric value is used;

 [5:104]  When they are told, "Come to what GOD has revealed, and to the messenger," they say, "What we found our parents doing is sufficient for us." What if their parents knew nothing, and were not guided?

Within the Quran the word messenger is mentioned several times, without specifying messenger by name.  Over the past few years research has been carried out where each occurrence of the word messenger was qualified by the name of the messenger in the Quran. There are approximately 180 such occurrences, each time code was multiple of 19 with the messenger name. 

This example confirms that the messenger was Muhammad, with the usage of gv of Muhammad which we calculated earlier which was 92.

5 104 92 = 26868 x 19 & 5 104 92/190 = 2686.8

So what do we learn by using “Position” and “Level”;

Position 8 is issues indeed the disbelievers have made an issue of what was revealed to Muhammad.  They say they believe in Quran but follow Hadith. It seems this was same at the time of Muhammad. Prophet Muhammad was asking people to believe in the Quran. While the disbelievers only wanted to do what tradition dictated. The ‘Level’ is 5 which is ‘Detailing Information’, indeed this code gives detail of who the messenger is in this verse.

Instead of using gv of Muhammad it could be any external entity gv and instead of (5:104) it could be any chapter and verse as long as common sense prevails and logic is used.  For example in the above code the logical order would be to keep chapter and verses together and separate from gv of Muhammad and also order the chapter first and then the verse, because chapter is a precursor to a verse.  The other permutation would be 92 5 104 but of course this is not multiple of 19, however, during your search you have to include all permutations and it will be trial and error process.

The second table describes what each Position mean, this again is based on several codes derived from the Quran.Please look at the coding summary to get instant flavour of coding

In Conclusion;

This was brief introduction to mathematical miracle of 19 and its derivations, there is much more to it, things like Simple Groups, Calculus applied to the codes etc.  But this introduction is enough to start with.  There are two proviso’s sincerity and knowledge of the Quran.  These two aspects are essential to be successful in finding codes.  However, anyone can do it!!!

[56:77]  This is an honourable Quran.

[56:78]  In a protected book.

[56:79]  None can grasp it except the sincere.

[56:80]  A revelation from the Lord of the universe.


It is highly unlikely that on the very first attempt you would find the code.  You might need to add or concatenate the codes each time checking that the code is multiple of 19.  Even when you find the code, you need to carry on until all permutations have been exhausted, because each code can reveal something new with the help of “Position” and it’s “Level”.

All the best… I hope God will guide you Inshalla!!!