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Other rites of Islam

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This article covers all rites of Islam other than previously discussed topic of Salat. Hence this is the general Introduction to the rites of Islam.

Establishing Faith in the Quran a complete guide to Islam;

The biggest obstacle for any newbie who has been acquainted to Quran recently is to fully believe that only Quran is required for our religious guidance. This guidance include the derivation of five principles of practice in Islam, Proclamation of belief, Salat the five daily prayers, Zakat the obligatory charity, Hajj the pilgrimage to Mecca, and Fasting in the month of Ramadan.

In order to gently introduce the reader into depth of the Quran the following few articles I hope would give the reader a gravitas to feel more comfortable to accept that it is possible that these principle rites of Islam could be derived from the Quran.

Quran states several times that it is fully detailed. But what does it mean by it, because there also is the Miracle of 19 in the Quran. So how do the details of the Quran be related to this Miracle? Thus How detailed is the Quran?

The religious practices are sent through believers who could be messengers with 'm' or 'M'. The differences between the two are that the ones with capital M are the messengers mentioned in the Quran by name and others are not. However both are capable of bringing the rites of Islam. Thus  All religious practices are sent through messengers

Majority of the young Muslims today do not practice the rites of Islam, the question arise, is this okay? The concept of practicing and non-practicing Islam is fully explored in this article; Islam Categorising Practicing and Non-Practicing Muslims

Abortion is it allowed in Islam? Is abortion totally forbidden in Islam or selective abortion is allowed in Islam? Find out!!!

Chopping thief's hands is it Islamic? One of many attributes of God is that He is the Most Merciful, than why cut thief’s hands which is not merciful. So what is the correct punishment for the thief?

In Quran it says that the arrangement between Joshua and Moses has to work for him for certain number of pilgrimages for him to marry his daughter. But where was the pilgrim place? Find out that Moses did Hajj at Sacred Mosque in Mecca

Read Qurans prospective of when to do Hajj. Hajj could only be done when Mecca is occupied by the believers

This is the Further evidence that Muhammad only tried to do Hajj when custodians of Kabaa were believers. Muhammad only did Hajj when he occupied the Kabaa!!

Quran mentions in (2:30) that God made either Jinn or Human a representative on earth but it is not clear who. This article confirms if it is Human or Jinn. Thus In 2-30 the representative was Ibleese

Islam starts after 40 years of age!! There is a proviso in Quran which implies that any one who is under 40 years of age is not responsible for his/her deeds. Therefore if that person dies than he will make it to paradise. Thus Islam starts at the age of 40 and over when we are responsible for our deeds.

Sacred Months - Confirmed!! This article uses mathematical miracle and Quran to confirm what the Sacred Months are! And they are not what the majority believe.

We know from Quran (9:84) that there is such a thing as funeral prayers. But is the correct funeral prayers derived from the Quran. Find out Funeral Prayer decoded from the Quran

Rites of Islam from the Quran;

Now after going through the articles in the previous section the reader is more encouraged to understand and follow the derivation of the Key Principles of Practice of Islam from the Quran as follows;

What is the correct proclamation of belief? If it is a monotheist religion than why mention Muhammad in the proclamation, it does not make sense. Find out the correct proclamation from the Quran hence The First Pillar of Islam proclamation of belief

Zakat or Obligatory Charity is a important part of Islam which distributes wealth within society and keep a balance. Rather than rich getting richer and poor getting poorer it maintains stability in community. When to give Zakat, how much to give and when to give is in this article Obligatory Charity

Further proof that Zakat is not based on fixed quantity like 2.5% or anyother figure, but on ones descretion and howmuch or how little one can afford Irrefutable proof that Zakat is not 2.5%

Fasting in the month of Ramadan is obligatory to all practicing Muslims unless due to long term illness like diabetes they are not able to do fasting. In this instance one has to provide charity to poor. Do we need to physically see the moon to start or stop fasting? Find out!!

This article confirms the fact that only Practicing Muslim's are required to do Hajj. This article also defines who the Practicing Muslim's are! Who are required to do Hajj!!

This article highlights what should be done during Hajj (Pilgrimage).  All the related information for Hajj is in the Quran. Therefore find out How to do Hajj (Pilgrimage)

What to recite during Hajj and Umrah, Hadith and Quran. What to commemorate during Hajj and Umrah confirmed

During Hajj there are two rituals which are confirmed and verified in this article through Quran which are Hajj – Commemoration of GOD at Mina & Muzdalifah