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Satan facade of illusioin;

Dear reader, I hope you have noticed after looking carefully at the header picture that it is not Sun shining through the Milky Way but a photo of rain drops on a window pane and light shining from behind.

Indeed throughout our lives we come across many scenarios like this where things don’t seem the same way as they really intend to be!

Following is a brief synopsis of a similar scenario where Satan plays tricks with our minds;

·       God’s Kingdom in Heaven, Angels asked to prostrate to Adam

·       Satan and his genera refuse

·       They are incarcerated

·       Satan vouches to mislead all those who would listen to him

·       Humans and Jinn’s (decedents of Satan) sent down to earth

·       Now this is an important point to consider; what did Satan want to be? He wanted to be  “a god”!

·       We know Satan influences us all because he is skulking

·       So the question is if he could not be god what is the next best thing he can do?

·       The answer is to make humans believe in him as a god

·       So how can he do that?

·       The only way he knows best to do that is by conspiring with human thought like he did with Adam and Eve

·       Now we know lot of literature is bad in this world, like porn, crime etc.

·       Now consider this if you may can Satan influence God’s scriptures?

·       Quran the Final Testament was influenced by Satan when two verses were spuriously included by humans well after the Quran was revealed to glorify Muhammad by an influential Islamic figure head

·       This fact made millions of Muslim idolise Muhammad because of these two verses

·       It was found out in 1900’s that the Quran has a unique numerical structure

·       The numbers are the back bone of the whole universe

·       The stars and the planets are all controlled by God

·       And they always obey laws of maths they never exceed the limits of miles they are set apart from each other

·       This numerical structure of the Quran is indeed also put in place by God; we know this because it is described in the Quran in the chapter called “The Hidden Secret” chapter 74 verses 30 to 35.

·       The revelation of these two fabricated verses came to light in late 1900’s when a PHD Biochemist doing research on the Quran found this discrepancy

·       He was using Prime number maths mentioned in Quran (74:30-35) to decrypt the codes when he found out this anomaly

·       The code (a number) is simple to understand take each chapter number next to it put its verses next to each other in the chronological order and continue doing that for the whole of the Quran all 114 chapters.

·       That code was massive ½ mile long, special software was used to divide that number by the Prime number 19.

·       When he included those two erroneous verses the code did not completely divide by 19, when he took those two verses out the code was perfectly divisible by 19

·       He did not stop there he found several other proofs for the same thing which are much smaller codes and can easily be examined; THEY ARE AVAILABE IF ANYONE IS INTERESTED AT A REQUESTED

·       Now what prophet did was perfect, however what humans without authority did later on was not

·       So we know for a fact that Satan and his counter parts can also influence scriptures and create gods that he wishes to be!

·       So lady’s and gent, be aware what you see is not always what it is. God allows Satan to influence our daily lives, in His great wisdom to test people and sift out bad from the good!

·       Therefore stay alert and examine all words but only accept the best!

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