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Beauty Lost

“Beauty & truth are intertwined”, this observation was made by Titus Kaphor on TED – talking on “can beauty open our hearts to difficult conversations?”;

We will not be talking about Titus Kaphor’s work here. However, I thought that I use his quote to make my point which is “Ugliness and falsity are analogous”.

So in this particular document I illustrate this view by a picture of Kabaa the Holy place of Islam. As you can see this artists impression does not fully comprehend the beauty of this place! This picture has been deliberately chosen for this particular reason, i.e. not showing the full beauty of this remarkable place!


To answer that I would add “Beauty can be a deception”, if I had presented a beautiful picture of Kabaa, it would have been cohort with all others who do!

I can assure you that would have been a bad idea! The Saudi Government the pivot of Islam seems to play as if nothing is wrong. Stoning ladies to death, beheading others for menial crimes, chopping thief’s hands, supressing their women, giving authority to men over women, the list goes on and on!

My comparison with the picture in this gallery with the beautiful pictures you see on the media of Kabaa, is this particular point “Beauty can be a deception”, and in this instance it is. The picture I have shown here is the reality while the pictures you see on media are a deception with ugliness hiding behind it.

I am a Muslim I respect Islam, and I have tremendous respect for Kabaa, but I also believe in honesty, sincerity and truth!

I hope I have highlighted with this unique way what Saudi’s are all about. None of the criteria mentioned above applied by Saudi’s have any claim on Islam, it is man-made stuff, and they are sinning to the nth degree by proclaiming it to God!!!!