By Ijaz Chaudry

Is Covid-19 random act?

All the info here is on the web I don’t take any credit for it all I have done is put the info together in a way to make a point!

People are dying of Covid-19 here and there bewildering science the reason why these deaths are so random, but are they random?

Is anything random, except the lottery machine in this world? Take a simple example why do some people have diabetes and others don’t?

Take the basic building block of our bodies an Atom. We are all made of Atoms which join together to form molecules which in turn are classified into elements, and elements react together to form compounds. These compounds make polymers or chains which form Organic matter which we humans are made of and Inorganic matter which other things are made of.

How does this all come about, is this random?

Optimist vs. Pessimist

I know that the optimist would say it is not random, while the pessimist might suggest otherwise. This article would hopefully encourage the pessimist to see the other way round! The simple reason why optimists in this situation are preferred to the pessimist is that if covid-19 is not random then we have a better chance fighting it!

Atom and Sub-atomic particles

Today science has found even smaller particles than the Atom which exist within Atoms (sub atomic particles). Science is bewildered by these particles; they have spent Trillions to find out more about these particles, without much success!

Let me just take one example of this particle a sub atomic particle called Higgs Boson. A recent discovery tells us that this particle is responsible for giving us Mass or matter to our bodies. So it is not an Atom which is the building blocks, Atoms are just vehicle for Higgs Boson which builds us to what we are!

We have no ability to control Higgs Boson in any way or form, so the only intelligible conclusion at this juncture is that there indeed exists another force which tells this particle when to form Mass and when not to form, Mass!

Diabetes and Higgs Boson

Now going back to our example of “Diabetes” and the question why some have it and others don’t?  We know today that type 1, Diabetes is influenced by gene called HLA-DR.

Gene’s as you know are the building blocks of our bodies. They are put in place at conception and propagate throughout our lives to what we become when we are adults. The question arises why some people have this gene and others don’t?

When the lottery machine creates the winning number, the calculator which produces that number has a mechanism or algorithm which makes it generate that number. Science has proven over and over again that nothing happens without something makes it to happen. Science call it “Cause and effect” or the principle of causation.

So even science is telling us that neither diabetes nor Covid-19 is random, something makes it to happen! The obvious seen evidence tells us that it is to do with cells forming into either diabetic gene or covid-19 gene! But the big question is who makes the decision when and how these genes are formed. The wet market has been there for many years why the covid-19 virus spread now? I hope you will see the same way as I do by reading the following verse from the Quran that it is indeed God who controls the timing and make up of these genes;

 (10:61) You do not get into any situation, nor do you recite any Quran, nor do you do anything, without us being witnesses thereof as you do it. Not even an atom's weight is out of your Lord's control, be it in the heavens or the earth. Nor is there anything  smaller than an atom, or larger, that is not recorded in a profound record.

We are all vehicle of glorification of God. The inner beauty that we all possess shine like a star in a night and spread like a rainbow with its beautiful colours all over the blue sky in a day! Just remember who initiated all this and be thankful. Be humble, be kind, be generous, kill ego, kill pride and be good!