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This websites

News has gone Multilingual. The message is for the whole world not only for some countries; therefore from today all the people all over the world should cherish the message of God, through this website.

Some older versions of browsers might not show full Multilingual functionality, if that happens use google platform.

Major improvement blue print for;

As promised "the blue print" to include all major religions on this website, the first steps have been taken under the ethos "All religions under One Umbrella believing in God"!

Since this website include all major religions, from now on every so often one religious occasion around the globe will be addressed; these will then be displayed in Calendar the following events for this year are as follows;

Sept 21st Mabon the Autumn Equinox - Removed

Oct 19th Anniversary of Baha’u’llah = Bahai - Removed

Diwali article removed on 6th Dec.

Christmas Perspective has come off on 06/03/2021

The "Easter with a twist" article is live now; following is a 1 minute preview video of the article followed by link to that article.



For next time please note that events go live before it actually take place, giving enough time for the viewers to view.

New Contact; form has replaced the old click and send message page; the form is more user friendly, and ergonomic!

However, if you rather not contact me but share a comment with me and all the readers than please use the following comment box to do that.

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Tell us all what you think about this website!

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New features and amendments to existing pages

New Articles;

26/12/2020 - A new article has been added to the tab "Relevance of Miracle of 19". This article is a confirmation of a famous true story of the Quran where Kabaa was attacked by the disbelievers in 570 CE the year when prophet Muhammad was born; the article is called "People of the Elephant (Mahmood).

15/11/2020 - A new article and a vid has been added to the tab "Messenger Related" under the heading "Muhammad". This is a important documentation, which should bring, Jews, Christians and Muslims together and it is called "Muhammad Mentioned in Bible".

28/07/2020 - A new article has been introduced under "Creation of Heavens and Earth" tab called "Further proof Evolution a fact Genesis (6:2)"; an easy access to this article would be to go to the "New features and amendments to existing pages" URL above; it is another inspirational work I hope you will enjoy, bringing science and scripture in unison!

Updated Publications;

13/01/2021 - A addition has been made to the compilation of articles on "A Picture Speaks 1000 words" tab with an article called "Satan facade of Illusion". This is a unique article dipicting Satan's attribute of deception to the ultimate level.

06/12/2020 - New Calendar article has been published "Christmas Perspective". This article highlights the hidden meaning of Christmas never seen before.

The Quran: The Latest Most Modern Translation of the Quran has been retired and will go out of the circulation in few weeks’ time! This action has been taken in response to the new findings whilst I was working on the newer version of QT. Two codes in the QT were found defective. In order to keep the integrity of the translation, it was incumbent on me to retire the QT until all codes have been checked in the newest version of QT and to caution you that you have to be aware of this fact! I personally believe that most codes are correct, but it is up to reader to make sure to only accept the codes which make sense in the light of the Quran! I am sorry that this has happened, I apologise to you and I repent to God for it. It was not intentional. I will be taking extra care about my codes from now on checking and re-checking before publishing it. I believe all my other books should be okay, because there codes were done separately!

Top Stories

03/07/2020 = New picture & article is on the show on "A picture speaks 1000 words " - "Ugliness and falsity are analogous"!!

21/06/2020 - A total revamp has been done to the article "Is Evolution Fact or Fiction?", please go to the url above for an easy access or go to "Creation of Heavens and Earth" tab on the left and select this article! Not to be missed article!

09/05/2020 - It is our utmost desire to make this website as user friendly as possible. So in its pursuit we have colour coded each page. This will allow multiple pages to be opened simultaneuosly without losing track of the page.

14/02/2020 - The Historical Trail of the Quran has been modified, with a new addition; which is the confirmation of the difference between the geometric values of Ha and HaTa. Goto "Relevance of Miracle of 19" tab!