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People think Al-Muzzammil was Muhammad, however when you read Chapter 73 (Al-Muzzammil) verse 4 you will see that it tells the reader to read the Quran from cover to cover;

[73:4]  Or a little more. And read the Quran from cover to cover.

The order of revelation of chapter 73 is 3, which means it was the 3rd revelation to Muhammad, and Quran is the word of God the truth which implies that Muhammad could not have been able to read the Quran from cover to cover, because it was not completely revealed then, so this verse confirms that Al-Muzzammil was not Muhammad. Indeed Al-Muzzammil is alive today giving the message of God, and this is his website for all who want to make it to Paradise and also live a happy life now.

Important information

please beaware of the following verse and do not consider material on this website as “Tales from the past”.

Each and every page on this website is unique and will benefit believer no matter how much he/she knows about islam.

So open up your hearts to the enlightenment provided here for the sincere, all revelations which is good on this site has come from God;

(68:15) When our revelations are recited to him, he says, "Tales from the past!"

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31/03/2020 - Please check out "Contact" tab, it has a interesting proposition and request for sincere believers!

31/03/2020 - A new tab has been included "Photo Gallery" please check out for a universal message regarding Covid-19!

28/03/2020 - There is a new feature on "Contact", where your suggestions have been requested, which makes this website little more interactive check it out!

14/02/2020 - The Historical Trail of the Quran has been modified, with a new addition; which is the confirmation of the difference between the geometric values of Ha and HaTa. Goto "Relevance of Miracle of 19" tab!

02/02/2020 - A new year brings a new Calendar event. Please log on to Calendar tab on the left. And A Happy and Healthy New Year to All our viewers!!

10/12/2019 - A series of letters have been published on the “Messenger Related” page. Some unknown person accused me of committing crime by the work I display on this website and the free books which I distribute.  That person also believes that I am a false messenger!

So dear reader I leave it to your judgement to decide who is right!

Please look for the narration mentioning Xavier on this page under the subheading Al-Muzzammil thank you!

13/10/2019 - Quran: The Latest Most Modern Translation of The Quran is now available in Lulu store, and God willing, will be available on other online retailers in few weeks time. You will also be able to download this translation from "Home" page on this website. The Lulu icon is at the bottom of this page. This publication is completely free! Thank You!

04/10/2019 - New event on "Calendar"; "Christmas Perspective".

22/09/2019 - From today the reader can download the Lulu book collection from this website. At the bottom of each main category pages, there is Lulu link whereby one can download book pertaining to that page, completely free!!

06/09/2019 - Clarification and confirmation of how and what to commemorte during Hajj and Umrah. Please click on the link above; "New features and amendments to existing pages" and follow through.

07/07/2019 - Prophet Muhammad's Ultimate Goal - is a new article which goes behind the scenes to discover what made Prophet Muhammad sacrifice so much, in his life time! Click on the purple tab "Messenger Related" on the left and look under "Muhammad" for this article!

30/06/2019 - The Modern World and Islam 5th Edition is out now. There is only one change a Chapter called "Islam Sex and Modern World" has been removed, because of its inaccuracies. The latest publication of this book is only available from, please click on the Lulu link below. It takes 7 weeks for all other retailers to access this new publication! Your patience will be much appreciated!

21/03/2019 - After a months investigation and research as promised the articles regarding Heaven V Heavens are done! You will find these articles under the purple tab on your left called "Heavens". Thank you for your patience and please let me know what you think!!

Updated Publications;

Salat the Five Daily Prayers - only a slight change has been done to this book, whereby the URLS showing step by step guide to 2 unit Fajr Salat has been revised with better explanations and graphics. These same URLS can be found on this site under the tab "Salat the five daily prayers" towards the bottom of the page.

All the following e-books are available completely free to download from the Lulu book store or from the main category pages, Lulu link at the bottom of each page;