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The Messenger Related and The Quran

Messengers are living example of what God wants us to live like on earth, and here is a living messenger now! However, messengers are also human with all the frailties which come with being humans. Therefore, Quran advises the believers to verify all information given to them using Quran this fact is stated in the verse (17:36) of the Quran.

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The "Messenger Related" page is totally derived from the Quran. It illuminates most important relevant facts about few pertinent messengers. So how is the “messenger related” info important to us? The answer is simple but profound, which is because the messengers are living example of how God want the believers to live on earth, also the messengers set up precedence for the believers to follow. This makes the messenger related info extremely important.

This page includes facts about Adam and his family, facts about Abraham and his family, facts about Jesus and crucifixion, facts about Al-Muzzammil and his identity, and finally intermittently sprinkled are facts which could be seen as general to all messengers.

This page is essential guide to novice or scholars; equally, it opens up new door to the perception of messenger ship & truth. This book includes articles which describe fallibility of messengers, who actually are the Children of Israel, finality of messengers and much more.


Prophet Muhammad Mentioned in Bible;

The following article is written in an attempt to bring Jews, Christians and Muslims together. There have been previous attempts by Muslim Scholars to confirm the iteration in the Quran that the arrival of Prophet Muhammad is predicted in the Torah and the Gospel.

This is my attempt, using Maths the mother of all sciences please have a look and let me know what you think!

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Following is the main article;

Prophet Muhammad confirmed in Bible

Prophet Muhammad's Ultimate Goal!

Abee Lahab was Muhammad's Fathers Brother

Aisha and her accusation

Following the Quran Muhammad's example

Muhammad made an error (Zeid)

Muhammad was fallible like any other messenger because he frowned


Abraham Tested on his own

What commands did Abraham fulfilled

The approximate time interval when Abraham and David were alive


Adam & his descendents were initiated with the knowledge of the world

We are all Adam's descendents

Go down as enemies Adam & Satan

Dr Rashad Khalifa

The word of God is supreme

Further proof for messenger of covanent and 33-7

Rashad's Description of King of Chaos completely true!!


Revelations from God

Obeying the messenger?

The Cloaked One

Who is The Cloaked One a Proven Identity

Basic Law Regulating Relations With Unbelievers

Finality of Messengers and (23:51) other messengers

What exactly does 33-7 mean

What does (73:20) mean

One way communication with Xavier

An unknown person published a web page by the name of Xavier accusing Ijaz Chaudry to be a convict and a false messenger. In reply there were five letters sent without getting any response. There are valuable lessons in these transcripts which would benefit any believer so please do read them.

Following is the story;

My replies;






Correspondence with Musjid Tucson

First email between Musjid Tucson and Al-Muzzammil

Second email between Musjid Tucson and Al-Muzzammil

Third email between Musjid Tucson and Al-Muzzammil

Al-Muzzammil emails with no reply from Musjid Tucson

Musjid Tucson reply after publication of their emails

Al-Muzzammil replies Musjid Tucson V Quran

Salutations to

*Role of Prophet Muhammad

Role of Prophet Muhammad Part 2

Role of Prophet Muhammad Part 3

First messenger Adam or Noah?

In the Dark and the meaning of Certain

Ruling with Quran Alone?

Religious duties a gift from God?

Conclusion Plus!

Jesus & Quran

Jesus Credentials

Jesus and crucifixion

Bible and Quran

Incest a new finding

How does Quran and Bible relate

Psalms (2:7-8) confirms David as son of God like all messengers of God


Is Quran Complete?

Do we all have to Practice Islam to be Muslims

Jacob and Joseph

How to deal with treachery and deceit in a family


Arabs are The Children of Israel

When does believer allowed to lie

How many prophets were there?

Why and How does Quran use words like the book

Associating verses from different chapters coming togather to reveal hidden information never known before