By Ijaz Chaudry

King of Chaos

Dr Rashad Khalifa produced a video when he was alive which is still in circulation on YouTube, in which he suggested that Satan is the King of Chaos. All that which is bad happening in this world is achieved by Satan and his descendants.

Today we will discuss this issue and confirm or deny this suggestion based on facts obtained from the Quran.

A simple verse from Quran suggests that Satan is not responsible for destruction in this world;

[3:109]  To GOD belongs everything in the heavens and everything on earth, and all matters are controlled by GOD.

Satan and his descendants are like humans they cannot do anything without the Will of GOD. Observing the above verse we can already see that Satan is not responsible for Chaos on earth, and that all the destruction which comes to us it comes from GOD as a retribution for what we have done. This fact is consolidated further by various verses in the Quran;

[7:83] Consequently, we saved him and his family, but not his wife; she was with the doomed.

[7:84] We showered them with a certain shower; note the consequences for the guilty.

 [7:133] Consequently, we sent upon them the flood, the locusts, the lice, the frogs, and the blood - profound signs. But they maintained their arrogance. They were evil people.

[21:69] We said, "O fire, be cool and safe for Abraham."

The Miracle of 19 can be used to clarify Quran. In this instance we need to confirm that all retribution comes from GOD based on the facts we have found in the Quran .i.e. the verses mentioned above.

To learn more about the Miracle of 19 please go to;

Relevance of Miracle of 19 Calculations

The first occurrence of the word “retribution” mentioned in the Quran is in (2:6-7);

 [2:6-7]  As for those who disbelieve, it is the same for them; whether you warn them, or not warn them, they cannot believe.  GOD seals their minds and their hearing, and their eyes are veiled. They have incurred severe retribution (from GOD).

I have made extension to these verses where I have interpreted the word “retribution” to be “from GOD”. The respective geometric value of “from GOD” or in Arabic “Min Allaha” is 90 & 66. When we add the verse numbers above with the chapter number above and the geometric values of “Min Allaha” we get a number complete multiple of 19. 2 + 6 + 7 + 66 + 90 = 171 = 19 x 9. This code confirms the fact that all retribution to us comes from GOD. The retribution includes what happens to us on Earth or what happens to us in the Hereafter all is instituted by GOD the Omnipotent.

So far we have gathered the verses from the Quran which suggest that GOD is the initiator of retribution, then we used Mathematical Miracle of 19 to confirm the fact that the “retribution” indeed is from GOD. Now we will look for some more evidence which suggest the same.

There are verses where GOD uses terms like avenge; the dictionary meaning of avenge is “inflict harm in return for wrong doing”. Thus these verses are further proof of what we have established so far;

[3:4]  before that, to guide the people, and He sent down the statute book. Those who disbelieve in GOD's revelations incur severe retribution. GOD is Almighty, Avenger.

 [5:95]  O you who believe, do not kill any game during pilgrimage. Anyone who kills any game on purpose, his fine shall be a number of livestock animals that is equivalent to the game animals he killed. The judgment shall be set by two equitable people among you. They shall make sure that the offerings reach the Ka`bah. Otherwise, he may expiate by feeding poor people, or by an equivalent fast to atone for his offense. GOD has pardoned past offenses. But if anyone returns to such an offense, GOD will avenge it. GOD is Almighty, Avenger.

[14:47]  Do not think that GOD will ever break His promise to His messengers. GOD is Almighty, Avenger.

I believe for a believer it is sufficient to believe that all retribution comes from GOD, and that Satan has no power over anyone of us in order to punish us. The starvation in Africa and the Bribery in third world countries are all our own doing of which GOD is punishing these people. GOD knows what each one of us decided to do in the “Heavenly Feud” mentioned in;

[38:69]  "I had no knowledge previously, about the feud in the High Society.

And according to His knowledge of the decisions we made in the High Society before the creation happened He puts us in the situations in which we are now.

All those children who are dying in Africa go to Paradise based on the fact that anyone who dies before the age of forty is not responsible for his deeds because at the age of forty GOD admits us as a Muslim or Submitter and is judged for his/her righteous works from then on;

[46:15]  We enjoined the human being to honour his parents. His mother bore him arduously, gave birth to him arduously, and took intimate care of him for thirty months. When he reaches maturity, and reaches the age of forty, he should say, "My Lord, direct me to appreciate the blessings You have bestowed upon me and upon my parents, and to do the righteous works that please You. Let my children be righteous as well. I have repented to You; I am a submitter."

I believe the ultimate proof that all retribution comes from GOD is in the following verses where a GOD’s servant is enlightening us of the fact discussed in this article. Indeed GOD’s servant will only do what GOD allows him to do, therefore when he punishes than it is because God wants him to …

[18:83]  They ask you about Zul-Qarnain. Say, "I will narrate to you some of his history."

[18:84]  We granted him authority on earth, and provided him with all kinds of means.

[18:85]  Then, he pursued one way.

[18:86]  When he reached the far west, he found the sun setting in a vast ocean, and found people there. We said, "O Zul-Qarnain, you can rule as you wish; either punish, or be kind to them."

[18:87]  He said, "As for those who transgress, we will punish them; then, when they return to their Lord, He will commit them to more retribution.

The other thing to think about is that if God can punish the disbelievers in the Hereafter than who can stop Him from punishing them on earth now;

[3:182]  "This is the consequence of your own works." GOD is never unjust towards the people.

The other suggestion by Dr Rashad Khalifa in the same video is the categorising the “Test” of each one of us constituted by GOD and that if we pass all our tests we could lead a happy wealthy life. This suggestion is not entirely true, because when you see what happened to other messengers in the Quran you will see another picture appearing. Indeed Muhammad was tested throughout his life, Jacob had very unhappy life most of his life, only towards the end of his life he found Joseph and then Joseph went through lots of tests until late in his life he found happiness.

So the idea that you might have a short test after which you have a happy life is not true, indeed the test could last long time, only God knows when these tests are complete, each person has its own destiny written by God.

     Never Question God's Wisdom

[21:23]  He is never to be asked about anything He does, while all others are questioned.

Now let us look at the possibility of why Dr Rashad Khalifa required calling Satan the King of Chaos. The first port of call for this is Dr Rashad Khalifa’s interpretation of the following verse;

Satan cannot cause destruction he merely ask humans to follow his steps

[2:168]  O people, eat from the earth's products all that is lawful and good, and do not follow the steps of Satan; he is your most ardent enemy.

Satan cannot cause destruction he merely ask humans to follow his commands

[2:169]  He only commands you to commit evil and vice, and to say about GOD what you do not know.

Satan cannot cause destruction he merely ask humans to follow his steps

[24:21]  O you who believe, do not follow the steps of Satan. Anyone who follows the steps of Satan should know that he advocates evil and vice. If it were not for GOD's grace towards you, and His mercy, none of you would have been purified. But GOD purifies whomever He wills. GOD is Hearer, Knower.

Satan wants people to disbelieve and follow his expectations

[34:20]  Satan found them readily fulfilling his expectations. They followed him, except a few believers.

Nowhere in the Quran has it been portrayed directly that Satan can cause destruction. It has always implied that he misleads people maybe through whispering to them or coming near to them and influence their decisions like a magician does or hypnotist does in making participants to behave in a certain way.

[23:97-98]  Say, "My Lord, I seek refuge in You from the whispers of the devils. "And I seek refuge in You, my Lord, lest they come near me."

Indeed the only place where there is slightest hint of Satan causing destruction is in Dr Rashad Khalifa’s interpretation of;

[2:30]  Recall that your Lord said to the angels, "I am placing a representative (a temporary god) on Earth." They said, "Will You place therein one who will spread evil therein and shed blood, while we sing Your praises, glorify You, and uphold Your absolute authority?" He said, "I know what you do not know."

This interpretation of Satan as a temporary god very strongly contradicts the Quran by the following verses;

[21:21]Have they found gods on earth who can create?                                                                              

[21:22]If there were in them other gods beside GOD there would have been chaos. Glory be to GOD; the Lord with absolute authority. He is high above their claims.                                                                                

By definition above (21:21) one attribute of god is that he can create while Satan cannot, thus Satan is not god. (21:22) overwhelmingly points out that there are no gods besides GOD.

 True interpretation of the same verse;

(2:30) Recall that your Lord said to the angels "I am placing a representative (a temporary representative) on Earth." They said "Will You place therein one who will spread evil therein and shed blood while we sing Your praises glorify You and uphold Your absolute authority?" He said "I know what you do not know."


*Missing words “a temporary representative” or Limumathal Muaqat their respective gv’s are 640 & 546. 30 + 640 + 546 = 1216 = 64 x 19. The representative is Ibleese or Satan, gv 103. 103 + 30 = 133 = 7 x 19. The position is 7 “Disbelievers”, thus Ibleese will represent the disbelievers, for believers God is more than sufficient. I tried all combinations of and all words for ‘god’ and ‘a temporary’ but none were multiple of 19 with this verse, this confirms categorically that Dr Rashad Khalifa’s interpretation of “a temporary god” above has been superseded by Al-Muzzammil’s interpretation validated by Mathematical Miracle of 19. **Al-Muzzammil


Since Dr Rashad Khalifa literally took the words … who will spread evil therein and shed blood… above to be true. And thus gave Satan status of god. However when we search for supporting argument for this understanding there is none. As we have seen above the bloodshed, the evil that Satan is spreading is by influencing the humans through whispering to them and coming near to them. Thus Satan is not god and he may be implied ‘King of Chaos’ but in literal sense he has no power over believers or disbeliever’s except through his voice and influence for whoever is willing to listen to him.