How far is Heaven from Earth?


By Ijaz Chaudry

 Dear brothers and sisters, following Quran in pursuit of Islam is the only correct way.  Time and time again Quran stands superior to all other religious material.  If one follows Quran as his/her religious guidance, one cannot be wrong. Quran brings Islam into 21st century and in many occasions correspond to the science today.  On other occasions when it does not correspond to today’s science it gives true and better understanding of the scientific facts.

 How far is Heaven from Earth?  This question has been answered by using today’s science, Quran and the Miracle of 19.

Fifty thousand years milestone in predicting the size of the universe;

The following verse talks about how long angels take to reach high heaven where God is, although He encompasses all Universes;

 [70:4]  The angels, with their reports, climb to Him in a day that equals fifty thousand (your*) years.

[70:5]  Therefore, you shall resort to a gracious patience.

[70:6]  For they see it far away.

[70:7]  While we see it very close.

 *Missing word “your” or Kama gv 50, 70 4 5 6 7 50 = 3708250 x 19, this code confirms that angels travel to High Heavens in a day which equals 50,000 worldly years. Thus humans see it as a long time therefore God asks the believers to be patient while angels see it close. **Al-Muzzammil

 Cosmic constants and the speed of light;

We know from science today that there are cosmic constants, which remain the same until the end of world. One such, cosmic constant is the speed of light.  This constant is particularly interesting because science has proven that no one of this world can exceed the speed of light. However it has been recognised that particles associated with atoms can move instantaneously from A to B. Bodies larger than atoms are restrained by the speed of light. The reason for that is that, at near speed of light any energy one puts in becomes mass and at the speed of light 186000 miles/sec the mass becomes infinite.

Since Quran have been revealed for the earthlings, these cosmic constants are also true for all of us and the Quran recognises this fact. Therefore for this article we can only expect the humans to travel near speed of light when travelling from earth to the high Heavens but not higher than the speed of light. Quran tells us that there are other entities which can travel faster than the speed of light, apart from atom particles.

 Quran confirms that the High Heavens is 3 billion light years away from earth;

(70:4) only tells us that it would take 50,000 years for us to travel to high heavens; it does not say what speed we need to travel at for the duration of 50,000 years to reach high heavens. So an assumption is made that we humans would have to travel the fastest we can, which is near the speed of light for 50,000 years to reach high heavens.

 Now basic maths is used to calculate the distance from earth to high Heaven. In the book “Why Does E=mc2?” by Brian Cox & Jeff Forshaw, on page 55, the authors give an example of travelling to Andromeda Galaxy which is 3000,000 light years (light year is distance travelled at the speed of light in a year) away from earth.  According to this example it takes 50 years travelling at 99.999999% of the speed of light to travel to that Galaxy.  Thus the simple math’s work out like this; It takes 50 years to travel 3000,000 light years, then it will take 3000,000/50 light years to travel in 1 year which is 60,000 light years, it concludes that for 50,000 years which was the time taken by the humans to travel to high heavens in (70:4) the human would travel 50,000 years at near speed of light. We know from the calculations done earlier that in 1 year near speed of light the human would travel 60,000 light years and for 50,000 years it would be 50,000 * 60,000 = 3000,000,000 light years. Thus the high Heaven is 3 billion light years away.

 According to the science the estimation for the furthest galaxy in the Universe is 14 billion light years.  This fact has been corrected by the Quran. The science has estimated this value whereas Quran has proven it by the word of God and basic constituents of nature .i.e. the speed of light constant and basic maths.

 Now how do these verses can be proven to be linked with this time limit to reach the high heaven?  The Miracle of 19 can be used for this proof. When we add the chapter, verse numbers (70:4-5); where this phenomenon is mentioned and the time (3 billion light years) we get; 3000,000,000 + 70 + 4 + 5 = 3000,000,079. When we divide this number by 19 we get complete multiple of 19 which is 157894741 x 19. This proves that this time is directly associated with these verses.  Thus the distance from earth to high Heaven is 3000,000,000 light years. Quran has brought Islam into 21st century, by using the tools of this century, i.e. the speed of light and basic maths. I would at this stage like to put this figure in meters. To do that first we need to find number of seconds in a year. Which calculates as days in a year x hours in a day x minutes in an hour x seconds in a minute; 366 x 24 x 60 x 60 = 31622400 seconds constitutes one year in seconds, then we need to multiply the speed of light with 31622400 seconds to find out how many meters does light travel in a year. To do this we use a simple equation distance = speed x time. We know the speed of light to be 299792458 m/s and time taken to in a year is 31622400. Thus the product is 2997922458 x 31622400 = 9.480150314 x 1016 meters. This is a very large number with 17 digits.  Now we need to multiply this with 3 billion light years to find out the distance from earth to high Heaven because it takes 3 billion light years to do that.  This number is 2.844045094 x 1026 meters.  This number is extraordinary large with 27 digits. From this article we can infer that God has made the Universes in such a way that it can be counted by humans within the context of the Quran and basic maths.

 Other cosmic constants referred in the Quran;

I believe the following few verses from the Quran are referring to Cosmic Constants;

 [41:12] Thus, He completed the seven universes in two days, and set up the laws for every universe. And we adorned the lowest universe with lamps, and placed guards around it. Such is the design of the Almighty, the Omniscient.

 The above verse is general verse talking about laws of nature and that every Universe has laws, such as in this Universe we have Milky Way Galaxy inside this galaxy we have a Solar System which includes Earth which rotates around the Sun.  This law is specific to this Universe and similar laws are for other Universes which are unique to those Universes.

 (55:5-12) The sun and the moon are perfectly calculated. The stars and the trees prostrate. He constructed the sky and established the law. You shall not transgress the law.  You shall establish justice; do not violate the law. He created the earth for all creatures. In it there are fruits, and date palms with their hanging fruit also, grains and the spices.

 The above verses are specific to this Universe.  As I understand it the “law” mentioned in (55:7) is the law or Cosmic Constants. (55:8-9) One meaning of the word “violate” is “fail to agree with” which fits in well above. One meaning of the word “transgress” is “act in disregard of laws” which fits in well above. Establish means “set up or found”, or “set up the validity of by example or experiment”. Justice means “the administration of law; the act of determining rights and assigning rewards or punishments”. In (55:9) where it says “You shall establish justice”, when using the definitions described for “establish” and “justice” above, it makes perfect sense that God is asking and guiding us to find the Cosmic Constants through example and experiments like Einstein did to find the theory of relativity and the cosmic constant speed of light. It is recommended to agree with these Cosmic Constants and not to disregard them if we want to be successful.

 Finally I want to reconfirm the figure 50,000 years as our time taken to get to High Heaven which is 2.844045094 x 1026 meters away. We know from above that there are 366 x 24 x 60 x 60 = 31622400 seconds in a year. When we multiply this number with 50,000 years we get 1.57248 x 1012 and when we include return journey we get 3.14496 x 1012 seconds.

 We find out the speed at which angels travel;

Now using entirely different method we calculate how many seconds it takes to travel to High Heavens and back. Time taken = 1 + 10 x gh/c2. Where g is gravity 10 ms-1 approx. h is the how high we went = 2.844045094 x 1026 meters and c2 is speed of light squared or 3.00 x 1016 approx.

 But first we need to convert these values from meters to millimetres which are to add 3 zeros to above values. The values are calculated in mms because of the graduation of the clock, where each tick is 1 mm in length.

 Time taken in mms which equals seconds using this formula 1 + 10 x gh/c2 = 1 + 10,000 x 2.844045094 x 1029/ 9 x 1019 = 4.1600501 x 1012 seconds!!!

 Thus this value 4.1600501 x 1012 seconds and the value calculated above 3.14496 x 1012 seconds are approx. similar figures. This thus confirms the distance from here to High Heaven to be 2.844045094 x 1026 meters as calculated earlier. This fact has been verified by two different methods.

 So if the angels travel the distance of 2.844045094 x 1026 per day how many meters per second does it travel at. 2.844045094 x 1026 / 60 x 60 x 24 = 3.291718859 x 1021 m/s. whilst the speed of light is approx. 3.00 x 108 m/s the speed of the angel is nearly 3 times the speed of light.

 Glory, be to God!!!