Homo sapiens and other Homo species


By Ijaz Chaudry

Quran confirms evolution exists and it also confirms that Homo sapiens were created by God from Clay.

How did the distinction between, different races occurred;

An important question is raised from the history of Adam and his family, if generations were born from Adam and Eve than how can one explain that Adam had only two sons Cain and Abel. Cain killed Abel so there was only one son left Cain. Since Adam had only one son left than how come there was continuity of Adams family and the descendants of Adam as we see them today. There could only be one explanation which is that there were other females about…

If we were all formed from one man and women (Adam and Eve) than there would not be the diversity we have today with different races, colour (black, white and brown) different features (Caucasian’s, Japanese, Chinese and Aborigines). Therefore another angle has to be investigated in the search of truth using the Quran and what scientific knowledge we have.

Science explains that there were 12 human like creatures in the world some years ago these 12 species were, H. habilis, H. gautengensis, H. rudolfensis, H. georgicus, H. ergaster, H. erectus, H. cepranensis, H. antecessor, H. heidelbergensis, Neandertha, H. floresiensis, and H. sapiens. H stands for a Genus called Homo and name after this word is the name of the species. All these creatures were successors of apes except Homo sapiens. Homo sapiens are what we are now. Sapiens means “Wise”, all other species were capable of doing certain things skill fully like using spears to hunt, making fire, but none of them were capable of thinking like Homo sapiens are.

In short Homo sapiens were the only humans created by God from potter’s clay and knowledge of the world bestowed upon them. All others were hominids were evolved…

The following verses confirm that Homo sapiens were bestowed wisdom before they were sent to earth;

(2:31) He taught Adam all the names then presented them to the angels saying "Give me the names of these if you are right."                   

(2:32) They said "Be You glorified we have no knowledge except that which You have taught us.  You are the Omniscient Most Wise."                                                         

(2:33) He said "O Adam tell them their names." When he told them their names He said "Did I not tell you that I know the secrets of the heavens and the earth? I know what you declare and what you conceal."   

The following verse confirms creation of Adam from dust;

(3:59) The example of Jesus as far as GOD is concerned is the same as that of Adam; He created him from dust then said to him "Be" and he was.                                                                                                     

(3:60) This is the truth from your Lord; do not harbour any doubts.                                             

(3:61) If anyone argues with you despite the knowledge you have received then say "Let us summon our children and your children our women and your women ourselves and yourselves then let us invoke GOD's curse upon the liars."               

(3:62) Absolutely this is the narration of the truth. Absolutely there is no god except GOD. Absolutely GOD is the Almighty Most Wise.      

There are verses in the Quran which describes 12 tribes which included different species of apes as well as Homo sapiens (Adam and his descendants)  signifying the fact that all these 12 species of genus Homo were the 12 tribes mentioned in the Quran;

(7:159)    And among the followers of Moses there are those who guide in accordance with the truth and the truth renders them just.                                                                               

(7:160) And we divided them into twelve tribes (Homo species), distinct peoples. And, we revealed to Moses, when his people asked him for water, saying, `Strick the rock with thy rod;' and from it there gushed forth twelve springs; every tribe knew their drinking place. And we caused the clouds to overshadow them and we sent down for them Manna and Salwa and we said, `Eat of the good things we have provided for you.' And they wronged us not, but it was themselves that they wronged.

*(7:159-160); 159 + 160 = 319; This verse has interpreted twelve tribes as “Homo species” or in Arabic al'anwae humu the geometric values of these two words are 159 and 57 respectively when we concatenate the chapter and sum of verses with these two geometric values we get complete multiple of 19; 7 319 57 159 = 38524061 x 19. The temporal connection suggests this event happened in the past before the Quran was revealed thus the chapter and sum of verses are left most in the code and the geometric values of Homo species on the right which is historical. Position 1 ‘Describes Scenario’, indeed ‘Homo species’ as a contrast to ‘Homo sapiens’ are two different scenarios of the creation of mankind, one by evolution and other from mud. **Al-Muzzammil

There is further confirmation of the fact that eleven species out of the 12 were evolved from water and after they were fully formed they merged as Homo sapiens or humans;


(25:53) He is the One who merges the two seas; one is fresh and palatable while the other is salty and undrinkable. And He separated them with a formidable inviolable barrier (evaporation).

(25:54) He is the One who created from water a human being then made him reproduce through marriage and mating. Your Lord is Omnipotent.


The verse (25:54) appear to be contradictory in terms to what we know how Adam who was created (from mud). However, there is no contradiction because (25:54) is confirming (7:160) where Hamid’s are described as species of Apes which merged in to humans by mixing with Homo sapiens.


This fact is confirmed by the miracle of 19, that is when we concatenate (7:159-160) with (25:53-54) in that order this number is complete multiple of 19;


(7:159-160) 159 + 160 = 319;


7 319 25 53 54 = 385223966 x 19;


The Position of this code is 6 which mean the code stipulates “Caution” indeed the caution is that not all Homo species were relatives of Apes, because there is also one Homo sapiens within this group as described by the 12 tribes in (7:160).        


There are also verses in the Quran which describes one of the species by name “upright” or H. erectus which basically mean upright man.

Homo sapiens mentioned as uprights in the Quran

(7:168) And We divided them through the land as nations. From them are the upright (Homo sapiens or in Arabic al'iinsan aqil ), and from them are other than that. And we tested them with good things and bad, perhaps they will return.


*”upright” also mean the first Homo sapiens or “wise ones”, these were descendent of Adam whom God created from mud. We know from evolution that there were human like creatures some time ago, which mixed with Homo sapiens and created different races. The above verse (7:168) is talking about these creatures; geometric value of Homo sapiens in Arabic is al'iinsan aqil are 193 and 201 respectively, when we concatenate these with (7:168) we get complete multiple of 19; confirming the fact that the “upright” mentioned in this verse where Homo sapiens and less than upright other human like creatures, and that they were scattered among many communities which is true even now, for example Chinese live in China etc.; 7 168 201 193 =  377273747 x 19. **Al-Muzzammil

 This verse is pointing out Homo sapiens where it says “upright” above and talks about other species in the same sentence “from them are other than that”… Indeed this is the ultimate proof of existence of Homo species other that Homo sapiens…

There are three verses in the Quran (7:168) as above, (21:105) and (72:11) which uses the same word for the “upright” in Arabic Al-Salihuna. Only (7:168) presents the information regarding Homo species in this way. (21:105) is referring to righteous going to paradise, therefore not all uprights or Homo sapiens will be righteous therefore this verse is not referring to Homo sapiens. Verse (72:11) is talking about Jinn’s (Chapter 72) and we know Jinn’s were not evolved therefore because this verse is talking about different entity hence it is not talking about Homo sapiens.

There is further confirmation of us being part of the evolution process in the following verse;

(49:13) O mankind, we created you from a male and female, and we made you into nations and tribes, that you may know one another. Surely, the most honourable among you in the sight of God is the most righteous. God is Knowledgeable, Expert.


For the breakdown of Arabic words into their geometric values in this article please go to the following URL;

Breakdown of Arabic words to their geometric values 

In Conclusion

The Homo species mixed with Homo erectus and emerged into Homo sapiens with different nationalities, colour, features and races.