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Creation of Heavens and Earth

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What is the Meaning of Life? covers subject such as why we are here on earth, why some people live happy lives whilst others unhappy, why does disasters happen on earth without any apparent reason.

The Christians and Muslims believe that Adam was wholly responsible of the Original Sin and because of that we all ended up here on earth. However, when you delve in the Quran is this true? Find out what was the Original Sin.

This article has been completely rewritten! It brings in science, Bible and Quran to unify them into one message which is that Evolution is a fact however, Adam was a special case. Hominids did exist and Cain Adam's son was married to one; Is Evolution Fact or Fiction

This is an additional article to the article above "Is Evolution Fact or Fiction". This article was inspired by Genesis (6:2) which spelled out further substantial proof for Evolution; Further proof Evolution a fact Genesis (6:2)

Although Homo sapiens were created from clay, the animals did evolve to be near humans at the same time. The only difference was that only Homo sapiens had brains to think, "sapiens" mean "wise". Evolution and Homo sapiens.

Why are, some people believers and others are not? The answer to this question is in the Quran! Please read this article to find out about The Heavenly Feud

Creation of Heavens and Earth according to the Quran and the Order of Creation