My Journey to Islam

By Kate Sikkema


I come from a non-religious family. For the first 22 years of my life I never acknowledged the existence of God. I live in Australia and throughout my entire schooling years there was never a single mention of God. I used to think that there wasn't any evidence of God and that I would never believe in something I can’t prove. I was an atheist in my beliefs.

I was around 22 years of age when I learned about meditation. I heard that meditating can help with pain, which I thought could help relieve the pain in my back, due to a condition I suffer. After a few months of meditating I began to really tune into my soul, feeling inner peace within myself, and came to the understanding of how the mind, body and soul all work together. The energies that you feel during meditation are indescribable. It had me thinking where do these energies come from? It was almost as if I could feel God's presence during meditation.


I started thinking maybe there really is a god. By this time, I was 23, I began to think hard about the universe, creation, why we are here, etc. I thought surely there is more reason for our existence than just making money and having children, which is all I had known. I came to the conclusion that evolution doesn’t make sense in that humans could not have possibly been evolved by animals. Even if humans did come from animals that still wouldn’t explain how the very first animals came into existence, their consciousness, their souls. I thought that that the human body is too complex to have come about by itself, unintentionally, without purpose. We don’t just happen to be here. It can’t be a coincidence that so many things happen to serve us; the sun, the moon, the plants, the animals, the oceans, the rain, the air etc. So when I really stopped to think about it, the only thing that made sense is that God created us, and everything around us. There was no other explanation. Everything has to be created in order to exist. Everything must have a creator.


I was then determined to find my soul purpose. I decided that no one other than God could have created the universe. The truth must be out there. If God had sent down a book for guidance, then there must be an original or unaltered copy of it somewhere in the world. I put that thought to the back of my mind, thinking that if there is a book then hopefully I would come across it someday, where all my questions would be answered and I would no longer be left wondering.


A few months later, Cara my sister had briefly met a man called Moe who told her about the Holy Quran, that it is the truth sent from God, that the Quran was His final scripture and has never been changed throughout history. Cara and I live together and she told me about the conversation she had with Moe. We had both never heard of the Quran before. I felt that we must have been lead to this book for a reason. I decided to get a copy from an Islamic book store. After reading it with an open mind, I knew in my heart that it is the truth from God.


The Quran is truly an incredible book of knowledge. All of my questions were answered, including the real reason why we are here on earth, what happened before we came to earth, and what to expect after we die when our souls leave our bodies. I am absolutely fascinated by this book. I was amazed by the many scientific discoveries, that weren’t known at the time but were pre-written in this 1400-year-old book. I was intrigued by all of the prophecies that have now been fulfilled. There are no contradictions. There is every kind of example that you could possibly imagine. This book is full of evidence and proofs of God. No one other than God could have possibly written it. It also explains why there are many different religions in the world today, and why the previous scriptures are no longer reliable. Everything just made complete and perfect sense to me and I am not left wondering anymore.

I am now 24. It has been under a year in my new found faith and my belief continues to strengthen each and every day. I am continuously finding more proofs and discoveries of the Quran each time I read it, and it is as if new layers of understanding are uncovered. I find that when it’s closely studied, many secrets are revealed, praise be to God. My life used to be empty and without purpose, but my journey to Islam has completely changed my life!