By Ijaz Chaudry

Islam sex and modern world:

Why would Islam be dominant religion of the world? This is because it is so suited to our lives and goes deep into the reasons of why it is so well suited to our lives and the same time sets limitations on aspects of our lives where necessary!!

(9:33) He is the One who sent His messenger with the guidance and the religion of truth and will make it dominate all religions in spite of the idol worshipers disliking it.

 *9 + 33 + 148 = 190 or 19 x 10. This messenger is Al-Muzzammil, gv is 148. Because the entities are added together it implies that what the verse says will happen through Al-Muzzammil. Domination could take many shapes, but the domination in this verse I understand is dominance of truth over all other religions.  **Kate Sikkema

One such example is presented in this article and is to do with “intimate relationships between believing men and women” and the modern world:

These rules are geared towards promoting emotional and caring relationship built on partnership and friendship between couples, putting least emphasis on sex.

·         For a long time pre-marital relationships have been prohibited by the traditionalists. These traditionalists call pre-marital relationships as adultery and they associate harsh punishments for these relationships, such as stoning the women to death for having these relationships.

·         Today God willing we can enlighten the believers from these unnecessary punishments and allow them to have premarital relationships, based on misunderstood verses from the Quran. For centuries these verses have been misinterpreted by Muslims. Only recently we can have correct interpretation and understanding of these verses all because of God’s Grace Who revealed the Miracle of 19, to decrypt what these verses mean.

Following are the enlightening verses which have been clarified by means of the miracle of 19;

(4:15) Those who commit adultery (with four different men) among your women you must have four witnesses against them from among you. If they do bear witness then you shall keep such women in their homes until they die or until GOD creates an exit for them.

*interpreted words “with four different men” or in Arabic “mae arbe alrrijal mukhtalifa” have respective geometric values as 110, 273, 31, 234 and 1355; when we concatenate these with this unique verse 15 we get complete multiple of 19; 110 273 31 234 1355 15 = 580385854428185 x 19; the scenario described in this verse confirms that the men and the woman involved in this episode are the believers, this fact is specified in “.. among your women ..” since the Quran was revealed to Muhammad this statement is addressing him and the believers; the position is 8 “Issues”, indeed many traditional Muslims would be out raged by this code, i.e. “a believing women having sex with four different men”. However, when you look at this issue in the light of the Quran, you would realise that the word “witnessed” is always associated with “eye witness”, therefore the “four witnesses” has to be the men who had intimate relationship with this lady; for further clarification please read this link; **Al-Muzzammil

***In addition to the above explanation, there has to said that according to (4:15) women in Islam are allowed pre-marital intimate relationships, if they do not go above three such relationships. This fact is quite clear when you read (4:15). Women are home makers and the sincere believing women would only go into such a relationship only if they intend to be with their partners for as long as they live. However, there is very small chance that a woman goes into three relationships without finding a soul partner, hence they only get three chances and on the fourth occurrence constraints are put upon them. This indeed is command from the Merciful God. One has to discard archaic made up laws regarding women and sex in Islam.

(4:16) The couple who commits (wife swap) shall be punished. If they repent and reform you shall leave them alone. GOD is Redeemer Most Merciful.

 **interpreted words “wife swap” or in Arabic “zawjat almubadala” has respective geometric values of 421, 31 and 482; when we add these geometric values with the unique verse (4:16) we get complete multiple of 19; confirming the fact that this verse is regarding a couple who has committed “wife swap”; 421 + 31 + 482 +16 = 950 = 50 x 19; when the woman and a man gets married there oath is to be faithful to each other, and breaking is oath deserves punishment; for further clarification please read this link; **Al-Muzzammil

The punishment mentioned in (4:16) for wife swap is mentioned in (24:1-2) as coded below;

(24:1) A sura that we have sent down and we have decreed as law. We have revealed in it clear revelations that you may take heed.                                                                              

(24:2) The adulteress and the adulterer you shall whip each of them a hundred lashes. Do not be swayed by pity from carrying out GOD's law if you truly believe in GOD and the Last Day. And let a group of believers witness their penalty.

*when we add the unique verses (24:1 and 2) with the unique verse (4:16) where couple indulge in “wife swap”, we get 19 = 16 + 1 + 2 = 19; 19 is Level 1 which means that this code sets “precedence” indeed this coincides with (24:1) where it mentions “.. clear revelations ..”, indeed precedence has to be clear and precise, which this code is. This code confirms that the punishment for wife swap is 100 lashes. **Al-Muzzammil

24             4       Those who accuse independent women of adultery then fail to produce four witnesses you shall whip them eighty lashes and do not accept any testimony from them; they are wicked.

 *thus those who make up lies about independent women having 4 intimate relationships which they did not had their punishment is 80 lashes. Indeed when you add this unique verse (24:4) with the unique verse (4:15); 15 + 4 = 19; since both these verses are related to each other because of the context of these two verses makes this code valid; this is another precedence set. **Al-Muzzammil 

Please goto this URL to look at the Arabic words used in this article and their geometric values