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Can we associate our success to prophets, saints and relatives who are dead? This question has been answered here Can Jinn's Help Us?

Believers are not necessarily those who call themselves Muslims. Believers can be within any religion, those who believe in God, lead a righteous life and believe in the Hereafter is a believer. Thus the question is Was Einstein a believer

How does Islam allow democracy. Where does in the Quran state that democracy is allowed in Islam and how does human rights fit in with Islam find out here Human Rights and Islam!!!

Is Interest on loans allowed in Islam? If it is how much Interest is allowed? In Islam Usury is forbidden, does this mean, we are not allowed to pay Banks high Interest rates?; These questions have been answered fully in this link

There is a whole chapter in the Quran called Gallopers dedicated to the war in Iraq. Find out whose side is God on Americans or terrorists hence Iraq war confirmed in the Quran

Today's Muslims dissassociate themselves from terrorists when some terrorist activity takes place. The question is are these Muslims to be blamed for what the terrorists do? Find out Today's Islam and Terrorism

There are many books written about history of Islam. But what does Quran say about the Muslims and what was the true identity of Muslims. Find out about Brief history of Islam through the Quran.

The most popular word mentioned in the Quran in Arabic is Kafaroo or in english to cover. But what does Kafroo cover? Find out what Kafaroo covers using the Mathematical Miracle of 19. Kafaroo (to cover)

As recent as 11th Century a witness from Children of Israel witnessed the Miracle of 19 in Bible. Find out confirmation of this person to this witness in the Quran Rabbi Judah witness to the Miracle of 19

In this modern world how does Islam cope with new scientific achievements? And how much Surrogacy and Adoption play part in Islam? Thus, Surrogacy Vs. Adoption

The common understanding is that there was rise and fall of Romans. It seems a new concept fall and rise of Romans. However, the Romans in Quran are spoken allegorically and the Quran predicts Fall and Rise of The Romans. Find out who the Romans are!

The first murder was committed by one of the two sons of Adam. Here using Quran the names of the two sons of Adam and which son was the murderer has been confirmed. Hence First Murder Abel & Cain history confirmed

Do only the most religious practicing Muslims will make it to Paradise or is their hope for others. Find out what the Minimum requirement to salvation is!

Is there such a thing as record of destiny? According to the Quran there is such a record for each one of us. Thus find out more about Record of Destiny!

(17:36) ask the believers to verify information that one receives. But what does one verify the information which one receives with? Find out what does one verify the info received against!

This article is converstation with an idol worshiper who revears Dr Rashad Khalifa and does not want to change anything of what Rashad brought things like paying Zakat of amount 2.5%, despite the fact that Quran is clear about the amount to be whatever one can afford (17:26-30) and says that she follows Quran Alone!

This article covers some most fundamental flaws in the Reformist Translation of the Quran by Edip Yaksal. Find out more Misinterpretations in the Reformist Translation!

The most sensible word to use is "believe" in the Quran. This article argues the case for using "believe" instead of using "acknowledge" in the Quran. Once again this translation is done by Edip Yaksal. Find out more Reformist translation and the usage of word acknowledge!

The latest scientific research reveals that some Homosexuals inherit genes which makes them susceptible to Homosexuality. We know God is Just, so what happens to person like this who is pre-programmed to be Homosexual. Please read Homosexuality In Islam

What does Quran say about Lesbians, Gay, Bisexuals and Transgender equality to Muslims; LGBT Status in Islam

In the midst of fundamentalists, IS, Taliban, and the sectarian beliefs of Islam what is the future of Islam, please read Future of Islam