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Islam & Other Faiths

Introduction To Islam and Other Faiths. This page takes each religion and compares it against Islam. This page is vitally important to someone who wants to find out more about Islam and compare it against his/her religion.

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Atheism is a belief system which finds no evidence for GOD. This page refers to each aspect of Atheism and provides proof that GOD exists.

Bahai's believe in messengers Bahaullah himself said that he was not the final messenger. This page talks about messengers mentioned in the Quran after Muhammad and to identify true messenger from the false one.

Buddhism is a spiritual tradition which attains deep insight of true nature of life. Islam is a belief system which also is spiritual in nature and has deep insight of true nature of life, attained through following the Quran and learning from nature and the environment we live in through inspiration from GOD.

Candomble believe in One Supreme GOD, who is served by lesser deities. Islam also believes in One Supreme GOD but do not believe in any lesser deities.

Christianity and Islam mainly differ on one major point and that is Christians believe Jesus to be son of GOD and Islam does not. This page refer back to history and points out instances where others were also called son of GOD.

Guru Nanak's teachings and Islam!! It is amazing how similar Guru Nanak's teachings are to Islam!!!

Hinduism teaches the act of Karma (do good and good will happen to you). Islam supports this act, and enhances it by adding that GOD could forgive some of your sins therefore morally speaking to every action there is reaction is not always true.

Islam Today is not the same as in the time of Muhammad. Muhammad and his followers followed the Quran alone. Whilst today’s Muslims have to rely on Hadith. Hadith was written 200 years after Muhammad's death, based on "Chinese whispers". Fortunately today we do not require Hadith, because all we need for our religious guidance is in the Quran including details of all practices of Islam (Salat, Zakat, Fasting, Hajj & Shahada).

Jainism stands for welfare of every being and the health of the Universe. Islam teaches us that human beings cannot fully be responsible for the welfare of every being and health of the Universe, because there are elements in it beyond our control. Hence only God is in total control for welfare of every being and health of the Universe.

Jehovah Witnesses base their beliefs on the text of the Bible. Muslims also base their belief's based on the text of the Quran. The Quran has recently been verified as the word of GOD, beyond doubt using the computers and the Miracle of 19 (74:30-35).

Jehovah Witness and what makes no sense.

Judaism is based on belief that GOD exists and that GOD cannot be subdivided into different persons like in Christianity. Islam agrees with this. Find out what else is common between Judaism and Islam.

Mormonism disallows abortions. Islam allows selective abortion, because of unforeseen circumstances like rape etc.there might be need for abortion.

Paganism is based upon belief that divinity is in nature. Islam believe that nature is not source of divinity only GOD is divine, but He lets the nature Glorify Him through their manifestations of beauty.

Rastafarian is a religious system which is based on belief that Haile Selassie is GOD. Islam believe that a human cannot be GOD, and that GOD is who has created the Heavens and Earth.

Santeria is a religion which focuses on building relationships with spirits which are manifestations of their God Olodumare. Islam also recognises spirits called Jinn's in Arabic, however Jinn's are subservient to One all Powerful GOD, like we Humans are.

Shinto is a religion which also focuses on building relationships with spirits but they do not consider spirits to be gods. Instead Shinto gains power through the spirits. Islam discourages believers to gain power through spirit and considers them harmful. Islam encourages believers to ask GOD alone for his/her success.

Sikhism principles of Nam Japna, Kirt Karna and Vand Chhakna are also shared in Islam.

Spiritualism is focussed on communicating with the spiritual world to benefit the dead and living. Islam acknowledges the fact that spirits exist, but disagrees with the fact that we should communicate with them. The spirits are descendants of Satan, but there could be some who are believers.

Taoism is a religion which believes in form comes from formlessness. The latest scientific research at the moment is that of Higgs Mechanism which also says the same, i.e. Higgs particle gives mass to matter. Islam confirms this fact and is in agreement Taoism.

Unitarian is a religion that believes in One GOD, however they are doubtful about the religious truth in the Bible. Muslims also believe in One GOD, but unlike Unitarian, Muslims believe that the religious truth is in the Quran. This fact has been re-affirmed recently through computer research on the Quran.

Zoroastrian is a religion which believes in One GOD called Wise Lord. Some of the qualities Zoroastrian's mention about GOD is also true in Islam, like GOD is Omniscient, Omnipotent, Omnipresent, a Creator of Life, Source of Goodness and happiness.