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The Cloaked


Welcome to Al-Muzzammil (The Cloaked) site.


The essence of this website is global unification of all religious and non-religious factions. We are all God’s children it does not justify God by only admitting one religion into His congregation. Those who are non-religious yet they live a good clean life and do good on earth,  will have their reward in the Hereafter. Islam (Submission) acknowledges all messengers and His system do not change. This means that one does not necessarily have to follow the 5 pillars of Islam.  We can follow one of the earlier prophets like Noah who only advocated worship of God. God in essence is awareness of some supreme power who can do what we humans cannot do. Majority in this world today are the people who may not name this power to be God but they are aware of it. Quran is clear that the intentions are more important than words. Therefore according to the Quran these people are also believers. However, Noah only believed in God, because Jesus and Muhammad was not even born at that time therefore it follows calling Jesus or Muhammad beside God is not what Noah did and hence not what a true believer should do. This fact alone unite many religions into one, anyone; Hindu, Sikh, Muslim, Christian, Buddhist in fact any religious person from any religion anywhere in the world who follow Noah within this percept is a believer.

There are two categories of data on this website, religious and non-religious. Most of this website consists of religious material, while an attempt has been made to introduce non-religious material in the form of “Climate Change” and “Mental Health” issues, which serve humanity and God and is equally important.

In order to quickly grasp significance of all this, there are 3, short video’s only about a minute long each of which give flavour of things to come the viewer is advised to watch these video’s.

1)          Healing the Soul;

SoulHealing the Soul Video

A little clarification is required here; although some of you may not be aware of religion, but it is good to engage in it be it from far. Religion confirms existence of God which nourishes the Soul. Please read rest of this page and engage as little or as much as you can afford.

2)        Healing the Mental Health;

MindHealing the Mind

3)    Healing the Environment

ClimateHealing the Environment

Following is a road map to this Site;



This page has selection of articles on variety of topics, including “Homosexuality in Islam” and “LGBT Status in Islam”. Some new and unique information has come about on these two topics for a intrepid viewer!

Climate Change Action Required;

It gives basic status of climate change at present, through TED-talks and includes enough info for someone interested to take action against climate change. This action could cement different secular faction into one unifying cause and bring global unity.

There is one Climate Change Action taking place right now on this page so please join in!

Healing Mental Health;

1 in 3 people suffer from some kind of mental disorder. But were you aware that majority of those who suffer mental disorders have very minor ailments. These ailments can all be categorised as “Social Anxiety Disorders”. Most of these disorders can be healed by the individuals by various therapies at home. This page gives more info about how to go about doing that! Suffering brings humility which is a foundation to being a better person which brings that person near to God!

Creation of Heavens and Earth;


This page gives details of creation before Genesis. This page also includes the acknowledgement of evolution as part of development of Homo sapiens. Quran confirms the presence of Hominids at the same time as Adam was on earth, which explains the different human races, which were driven by intermixing of Hominid genes with Adam’s family.

Relevance of Miracle of 19;


Quran has an extraordinary numerical structure, which makes it possible to derive, unique and important information from it, by the use of Prime number 19, which is the common denominator of the numerical structure of the Quran. This page is all about that unique information driven through the use of maths. One such example is a very large code (number) consisting of a massive 1204 digits. This number is completely divisible by 19 with a non-decimal answer. The amazing thing is that this code has a specific order of sequence which could not be changed. Therefore no tampering or swapping of digits took place at any stage during its calculation! This specific order of sequence pertains to the fact that this code represents the actual historical Trail of the Quran, which consist of cities where each chapter was revealed. This historical data had to stay in the same order when interpreted into the numerical code thus making it a unique code. The probability of something like this happening at random could be as massive as 1 in a billion.

The perception of the mathematical structure of the Quran over 1400 years ago when the Quran (The Final Testament) was revealed cannot be imagined achievable by any human being. The existence of this code today shows Omniscience and Omnipotence exclusive to our Creator. He knew the future in order to reveal this code when the maths and the technology was advance enough to decrypt this code and Omnipotence to put all this into action. This indeed is a remarkable true story which should inspire the viewer.

Salat the five daily prayers;


Muslims do five daily prayers called Salat in Arabic. These prayers follow astronomical phases of the day. The main reason for these prayers is to remember God at each stage of the Day! However, Quran does not specify exactly what to read in these five daily prayers this is left to the messengers to clarify. There are parts of the Quran which relate to the five daily prayers. Muslims till now guessed what should be read in the Salat and by putting together bits of the Quran to make up the Salat. This page goes into detail about the format and derivation of content of Salats through maths. Thus now a mathematically proven version of Salat replaces the previous non-proven versions of Salat.

Other rites of Islam;


This page confirms the proper way of performing other rites of Islam, including, Fasting, Hajj pilgrimage, Obligatory Charity and the correct Proclamation of the religion of Islam. Over the years these practices have grossly been exaggerated, superstition and uncalled for rituals have replaced the clear and easy ways of performing these rites. This page puts as many wrongs right as I was aware of!



This page relates the scientifically proven cosmic phenomenon’s to Quran. Quran being the Final Testament, has all the religiously relevant info relating to Heavens in it. Things like “How far is Heaven from Earth” have been looked at. This feat has been accomplished by using Physics equations, and speed of light calculations in conjunction with the verse from the Quran which describe angels taking 50,000 of our years to climb to Heaven. This figure is than translated into distance to Heaven, based on the fact that nothing can travel faster than the speed of light.

Messenger related;


This page annotates history of the messengers in the light of the Quran. It also high lights the purpose and delivery of their message. This page also includes my id as a person who is giving message from the Quran. Included on this page is a section called “Quran with Bible” which in essence bring Jews, Christians and Muslims together by means of mathematical equations which relate and confirm context of various verses from the two books into one unifying message.

Islam & Other Faiths;


Twenty major religions of the world are compared against Islam on this page including Islam. On this page today's Islam is revaluated by the Quran. All religions today are heavily corrupt, because they have broken down into several factions, if there is one God it only makes sense that there is one path to Him. I am afraid Islam is not safe from this problem. Many superstitions, fabrications and innovations have crept into today's Islam. An effort has been made to purify Islam and compare all other religions against this purified Islam.

 Groups & The Quran;


On this page the “Cyclic Group” maths is used to reveal some important hidden information from the Quran. Indeed a modern world with modern tools!



Most frequently asked questions about religion especially Islam have been answered on this page. This page is a good starting point for someone who is interested generally in religion.



This page gives out latest updates to the development of this website. It also gives summary of the latest material added to the website.



All in coming religious events from all religions of the world are celebrated here! Articles are published before the event happens and stays on this page until the event lasts.



The Viewer, can contact me (Al-Muzzammil) directly from here and expect a personal reply from me!



There is a URL link on this page which directs the user to my free books which they can download and read at their leisure

A picture speaks 1000 words;


This page is an art gallery where a portrait is posted and commentary is run on that portrait!

Ultimate Quran Translation;


There is a free Ultimate Quran Translation download available on this page and from the following link.


This page includes updates from the work which I am carrying on today which is the English translation of the Quran. Excerpts from this translation are put on this page to give flavour of the work carried on so far. It is called UQT, because it is envisaged that this will be my best work ever!