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By Ijaz Chaudry

Christmas Perspective!!!

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The people who celebrate Christmas fall in two distinct groups. These two groups are, those who celebrate Christmas as a religious occasion and those who have no religious intentions but they only want to have a good time.

This is a short article without belittling the religion of Christianity. Christianity is great religion and Christians are tolerant and kind people like no other. However, Christmas as such is not truly Christianity related, it is product of Church and not of the Bible. So it is important to know a little background to this function.

When was Jesus born?

It is a myth that Jesus was born on the 25th of December, when you read the Bible carefully it suggests that Jesus was born in October. This fact is further confirmed in the Final Testament. In Jewish tradition having a baby without a father was a great sin. Thus Mary hid from the crowd and took refuge in the forest. The Christmas story only holds fast if Jesus was born on the 25th of December. But since the Bible and the Final Testament do not agree with this, we are investigating an alternate story which is not a Christmas Story. The Final Testament confirms the birth of Jesus to be in the month of October and a small excerpt from this story talks about Mary being next to a Date tree and shaking Dates from the tree and eating them to relief birth pains (19:16-25). Date have medicinal property of reducing pain. Since Mary had birth pains the Dates were just what could help her.

Perception of Christmas

Santa Claus is not real; the true followers of Jesus did not celebrate Christmas after Jesus was gone and they definitely did not dress up as Santa Claus! Celebration of Christmas and exchanging gifts is definitely a new idea. You will not find Christmas written in Bible, in any way or form!

Social, Political and Economic benefits of Christmas

So the development of Christmas has Social, Political and Economic benefits which gave precedence for the government to designate 25th of December as the Christmas day.

Social benefit

In mid-winter when the days are dark, Christmas gives a boost to the social aspect, of communities something to celebrate and be happy.

Political benefit

Christmas gives false hope to people, by making a family day, which in turn diverts people’s intentions from bigger things like public unrest.

Economic benefit

Economically, Christmas as a tradition encourages people to buy gifts for their friends and family. This boosts the economy.


So we found out that Christmas is based on social, political and economic benefits. As far as religion is concerned it is based on false assumption that Jesus was born on 25th of December. The fact that most practicing Christians celebrate Christmas as a religious occasion in fact is nothing more than an aberration. This puts focus on Christian belief system, and what does Bible have to say about Jesus! The proclamation by Jesus to being son of God is disputed 2 to 1 in the New Testament. Mark (8:27-30) and Luke (9:18-20) against Mathew (16:13-20). All 3 are synopsis Bible, which in essence mean that they present the same point of view. Only Matthew claims Jesus to be son of God, while other two don’t. It is known by scholars that it is an addition by Matthew. On further reading of the Bible it becomes apparent that only Bible calls Jesus son of God, no other scriptures do.

So after learning little bit about Christmas for those who want to make a special occasion in these dark winter days there is a way!  New Year’s Day is the real ticket it is scientifically proven fact that it happens once every 365 days with exception to leap years when it happens after every 366 days. New Year also promotes exchanging gifts, and even better; you also have benefit of fireworks all around the world. Most of the today’s generation strive to stand for what is right. So for these the right thing to do is not to be taken for a ride by the privileged few the politicians and the clergy!

Advice to practicing Christians

Jesus was anti-establishment. If you really want to follow Jesus’s step’s then step away from well-trodden path and make your own mind up about what Jesus taught. There is not much changed since Jesus, yes we have technology, we have planes, cars and the modern world, but at the grass root level we are the same human beings with same anxieties, fears, and sometimes the same sheep herd mentality. It is widely observed that the most successful among us, bring something new, away from the trend. So if you want to succeed as a Christian make your own path, look at all of the Scripture, not just the Christian canon, use common sense and logic to carve your own path to Christianity.