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The Ultimate Quran Translation;

Dear reader work has begun, on this mammoth task of translating the Quran as best as it could be done by the leave of God!

The following few obvious changes have been made to the format of the script which include;

1)          Improvement to readability, by ordering the code components

2)        Inclusion of Arabic text in the comments

3)        Breakdown of all added Arabic text into its letters with its geometric values to give the final result

4)        Inclusion of appendices

The hope is that this will enhance the reader’s perception and understanding of the Quran.

Whilst the translation is being done a special attention is paid on every aspect of each verse in order to improve its readability. If codes are required to improve its readability than, all aspects of the codes are considered before applying the code to that verse. This is intended to increase the reader’s absorption and intake of the meaning of the Quran. However, as the Quran reader is aware, every individual has its own understanding of the Quran, keeping this in mind, the coding will only reflect the most obvious points of the verse, giving the reader opportunity to explore further.

Exposition of extracts of UQT;

Since it is a long haul to the completion of this translation! I thought it would be nice if I could keep the reader in a loop. So in order to do that from time to time, I will publish excerpts from the UQT.

Then it is up to the reader if they would like to query something, or have suggestions of any kind, to improve or correct the translation. Any feedback from you will be much appreciated, plus you will be part of the translation process for which you will be rewarded. This translation is for the whole mankind and if you take part in this process then you will benefit the whole mankind so please think about taking part in it! As you know the Quran says (12:76) “Above every knowledgeable one, there is one who is even more knowledgeable.” Indeed I don’t have all the answers; my knowledge is limited to my experiences as yours are to your experiences. But what we can do is to expand each other’s knowledge by sharing it. I am doing my bit by translating the Quran; you can do your bit by adding to my effort. Nothing is silly or insignificance, because what you may think is not worth mentioning, might trigger a thought in my mind which could improve the translation. So do not be coy or worried that you may embarrass yourselves. What you tell me will remain between you and me only! 

**A little note;

There seems to be concern among some quarters that Al-Muzzammil’s translation is very similar to the translation done by Dr Rashad Khalifa, in that it should be different!

Dear reader there is no denying Al-Muzzammil has used the same template for his translation as of Dr Rashad Khalifa’s, for a very good reason. Please look around you, look at Torah, Gospel and compare it with the Quran, you will notice hundreds of similarities. In short what Al-Muzzammil is saying is that God’s message does not change. Similarly Dr Rashad Khalifa’s translation is one of the best, why change it, it is done by a messenger and the messengers set precedence for the believers, is this not enough for Al-Muzzammil to use Dr Rashad Khalifa’s translation as a start point.

Obviously Al-Muzzammil is and will continue to make subtle changes to the translation as the time progresses, and as the new revelations come about. But that does not require complete shift from what is good does it?

The major difference which in one way separates Dr Rashad Khalifa’s translation from Al-Muzzammil’s is the interpretation of the verses, Dr Rashad Khalifa put comments in the verses without proof today Al-Muzzammil has cemented these comments to be divine by the mathematical miracle of 19. That was the first intention by Al-Muzzammil when he started the translation, however, today progress is being made in tweaking the verses to suite today’s environment and momentum. Thank you for hearing him out!

Here are the excerpts;

The Heifer (Al-Baqarah)

(2:0) In the name of GOD Most Gracious Most Merciful

(2:1) A.L.M.

(2:2) This book (the Quran) is no doubt; a guidance for the righteous;

 *(2:2); 2 2 382 = 1178.00 x 19; missing words "the Quran"; الْقُرْآنُ. Geometric value; 30 + 1 + 100 + 200 + 1 + 50 = 382;

Millions of Muslims today are misled by different interpretations of the Quran. There should be only one interpretation of the Quran based on the numerical miracle of the Quran number 19, authorised by God in (74:30-35); the only correct way to remove doubt in the interpretation of the Quran.

The Temporal connection (the time line moving from left to right); simply states that verse (2:2) was revealed before the whole Quran came into existence; this fact is personified by the fact that the verse (2:2) is the left most which is the start of the time line and the geometric value of the Quran is on the right most which is at the end of time line. Start of the “time line” signifies the beginning of the episode in this instance the revelation of the chapter/verse (2:2) and the end of the “time line” signifies the end of this episode which is the completion of the revelation of the Quran over 1400 years ago. This episode is contained within the boundaries of this code. This is fundamentally what the temporal connection is; it is a “time line” for each code. Each time line for each code will have its own unique meaning. The meaning of each time line will give its own unique interpretation for that code.

Level 4 verses which can be extrapolated; “Level” portrays a general feel of the code; in this instance it gives the reader a general direction which in this instance is that if you follow the Quran than the Quran will extrapolate (lead) you to righteousness.

Position is 8 "Issues", “Position” plays a more specific role in the code; in this instance the position is an extra guidance for the reverent. It encourages the reverent to debate and discuss the Quran. The discussions could take place with other believers in order to enhance and improve the understanding of the Quran. Indeed, Quran is abundant with many important issues which could be interesting topics for discussion. The meaning of the Quran means many things for many people, by sharing different views of the Quran with each other will expand the knowledge to the wider audience. **Al-Muzzammil.

 (2:3) who believe in the unseen observe the Contact Prayers (Salat) and from our provisions to them they spend (for good measure).

 *(2:2-5);  2+3+4+5=14; 188 2 14 = 9906.00 x 19; missing words “for good measure" or للقياسجيد, lilqiasjayid, gv is 60 + 100 + 10 + 1 + 3 + 10 + 4 = 188;

The Temporal connection; within this code has the geometric value for "lilqiasjayid" which is on the left of the code. This signifies the spending of God's provisions in a good manner applies to all believers now and will apply in the future.

Level 5 Detailing Information; as an overall guidance presented by the sum of the verses (2:2-5) is not to disparage God's provisions which come to us.

Position is 6 "Caution"; at a more specific level when we observe verse (5:69) we see that there are 3 attributes which contribute toward the characteristics of a believer. One of which is "doing good". This code is a precursor to that attribute. One way of doing good is by spending for a good measure, in order to benefit yourselves and others. To do this one require to be cautious. **Al-Muzzammil

 *First occurrence of the word Salat. The Salat should be devoted to God alone. There are five Salats during the day for each phase of the day. The Salat has been totally derived from the Quran using Mathematical Miracle of 19 for further info please go to to this link;  ** Al-Muzzammil

 (2:4) And they believe in what was revealed (Quran) to you (Al-Muzzammil) and in what was revealed before you (brought by Rashad) and with regard to the Hereafter they are absolutely certain.

 *(2:4); 2 4 117 31 351 = 126933229.00 x 19;قُرْآنٍ, الْمُزَّمِّلُ, the respective geometric values of Quran, and Al-Muzzammil are (100+200+1+50=351) & (31, 40+7+40+30=117). In this verse there are 3 missing words. This particular code uses the first two words and the next code uses the 3rd word. The reason why there are two codes one for (2:4) and the other for (2:4-5) is explained later.

The Temporal connection is depicting a instruction from the verse (2:4) as being applicable today.  While the interpreted Quran with the geometric value of 351.i.e." The Quran", with "The or in Arabic al) removed from it, had already been revealed in the past. The second word Al-Muzzammil confirms the fact that this interpreted Quran was revealed to the messenger by the name of Al-Muzzammil. Quran ascribed in this code means the interpretation of the Quran by the means of the miracle of 19.

Level 9 Misconceptions clarified; it could very well have been true that this verse applied to Muhammad in the past. However, today it does not, and this code is the confirmation.

Position is 9 "Provision"; belief in this interpreted version of the Quran is a provision (an action of providing or supplying something for use). This applies to any true believer. **Al-Muzzammil

(2:5) These are guided by their Lord; these are the winners.

 *(2:4-5); 40 505 2 4 5 = 2131855.00 x 19; the missing words “brought by Rashad”; جلبه رشاد, jalbah rashad, and there respective geometric values are; 3+30+2+5=40; 200+300+4+1=505.

The Temporal connection depicts that even though Rashad is not alive today we still need to be aware of what he brought today and in the future. All messengers set precedence for the believers and Rashad was one such messenger.

Level 6 Messenger related; as can be seen the Level emphasises the fact that Rashad as a messenger should also be considered at the fundamental level during the perception and retrieval of the message from the Quran.

Position is 5 "Gift", indeed what Rashad brought previously was a great gift of God, we should not spurn away all of what he had brought. **Al-Muzzammil

 *(2:4 & 2:4-5) code comparison; it is quite understandable if one might say why are there two separate codes? The answer is that it has to do with the Temporal connection of the two codes. The code for (2:4) has Al-Muzzammil and his revelations on the right in the past and the code for (2:4-5) has Rashad on the the present. Hence there have to be two separate codes to reveal these two subtle but important differences. **Al-Muzzammil

 *(2:4-5); General comment on (2:4-5); in recent times many so called believers have produced some material suggesting that there should only be 3 Salats per day. We know from the past that Dr Rashad Khalifa prescribed 5 Salats. Today Al-Muzzammil has mathematically proven that there are 5 Salats.The emphasis in this code is not to discard precedence set by the messengers. Obviously messengers are interfered by the devil (22:52) but it is also God's promise in this same verse that God nullifies devils work. Indeed it is Al-Muzzammil's task by the leave of God to amend the few things which Rashad brought. When Al-Muzzammil revokes something than it is in line with what Jesus had done previously, please read; (3:50); thank you! **Al-Muzzammil

 (2:6) As for those who disbelieve it is the same for them; whether you warn them or not warn them they cannot believe.

(2:7) GOD seals their minds and their hearing and their eyes are veiled. They have incurred severe retribution (from GOD).

 *(2:6-7); 2 6 7 90 = 1410.00 x 19; geometric value of "min" or "from", مِّنَ; 40+50=90; Since the verse already has the word God in it, using the non-duplication rule of the 19 code we do not repeat the geometric value of God in the code.

The Temporal connection depicts chapter verses to be more recent because they are on the left of the code this is because the context of the verse (2:6) implies freedom of choice which those who choose to disbelieve incur retribution from God later.

 Level 4 Verses which can be extrapolated; so by disbelieving one puts oneself in a precarious position which extrapolates to retribution.

Position 0 "Wild card"; there is not one reason for disbelief, but several, hence the position is 0.  **Al-Muzzammil

 (2:8) Then there are those who say "We believe in GOD and the Last Day" while they are not believers.

(2:9) In trying to deceive GOD and those who believe they only deceive themselves without perceiving.

(2:10) In their hearts there is a disease. Consequently GOD augments their disease. They have incurred a painful retribution for their lying.

(2:11) And if they are told: "Do not commit evil on earth," they say: "But we are the reformers (Dr Fazley & Adip Yuksel)!

(2:12) In fact they are evildoers but they do not perceive.

(2:13) When they are told "Believe like the people who believed" they say "Shall we believe like the fools who believed?" In fact it is they who are fools but they do not know.

(2:14) When they meet the believers they say "We believe" but when alone with their devils they say "We are with you; we were only mocking."

(2:15) GOD mocks them and leads them on in their transgressions blundering.

(2:16) It is they who bought the straying at the expense of guidance. Such trade never prospers nor do they receive any guidance.

(2:17) Their example is like those who start a fire then as it begins to shed light around them GOD takes away their light leaving them in darkness unable to see.

(2:18) Deaf dumb and blind; they fail to return.

 *(2:8-18) - the two so called reformers Dr Fasely and Edip Yuksel;2 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 181 630 31 126 17 = 1521584800 6916587458 8516647532 243.00 x 19; The respective geometric values of "The Doctor Fasley", alduktur fasli, الدكتور فاسلي are 31, 4+20+400+6+200=630 and 80+1+60+30+10=181;  the respective geometric values of  "EDIP Yuksel",يوكسل  اديب  are; 1+10+2=17, 10+20+60+30+6=126; Indeed it is a well known trend in Islam that more prominence is given to the generation which succeeded the last messenger. This is obvious from Dr Rasad Khalifa's work which surrounded Prophet Muhammad and his followers. Today, the previous messenger was Dr Rashad Khalifa, hence this code relates to that generation.

The Temporal connection; the time line puts emphasis on the chapter and verses (2:8-18) to be applicable today. On the right of the time line sits the geometric values of the two leaders of groups of people which proclaim to be "Reformers". In the chronological order, Dr Fasley was the first leader just after Rashad's death to claim messenger ship, later on Edip Yuksel, invented his own religion.

Level 9 Misconceptions clarified; indeed it is incumbent on the messenger to warn the believers about any dark areas, and these two so called reformers are much to be avoided. It is a great misconception that these two are correct in what they preach, so be aware!

Position is 3 "Principle or Rule clarified"; very briefly because of the limited space; the question why should we avoid these two groups is answered here; First Dr Fasley; Dr Fasley; has created his own religion, by removing age old rituals observed by Abraham and all the prophets after him, into to his own category of belief; one such example is that according to him, Umrah, does not require visit to Mecca but can be observed at home. Second Edip Yaksul; (2:34) puts this person into correct perspective; in (2:34), it states the first occurrence of arrogance by Satan and the reason for us all to here. This guy is totally arrogant and an obnoxious to the under privileged. However, he could be equally nice to those who help him popularise him. He is definitely not honest and cannot be trusted.

What Al-Muzzammil is saying about these two so called reformers is not from third party but these are facts about these two leaders based on Al-Muzzammil’s own personal experience. God puts His messengers to experience situations like this so that the messenger can warn the devoid. **Al-Muzzammil

(2:19) Another example: a rainstorm from the sky in which there is darkness thunder and lightning. They put their fingers in their ears to evade death. GOD is fully aware of the disbelievers.

(2:20) The lightning almost snatches away their eyesight. When it lights for them they move forward and when it turns dark they stand still. If GOD wills He can take away their hearing and their eyesight. GOD is Omnipotent.

(2:21) O people worship only your Lord - the One who created you and those before you - that you may be saved.

(2:22) The One who made the earth habitable for you and the sky a structure. He sends down from the sky water to produce all kinds of fruits for your sustenance. You shall not set up idols to rival GOD now that you know.

(2:23) If you have any doubt regarding what we revealed to our servant (Dr Rashad Khalifa) then produce one sura like these and call upon your own witnesses against GOD if you are truthful.


*(2:23); 505 725 2 23 = 26617117 x 19. Gv of Rashad Khalifa is; رشاد خليفة; 505 & 725; 200 + 300 + 1 + 4 = 505, 600 + 30 + 10 + 80 + 5 = 725; indeed this value (725) was actualy created by Rashad himself by giving

ة a phonic value of 5 which still exist within the Islamic fraternity. The literal value of ة is 405 = 400 + 5; which is addition of Ta and Ha, this is a new concept brought by Al-Muzzammil. So staying with the original value of “Khalifa” it is 725.

The Temporal connection depicts Dr Rashad Khalifa on left of the code meaning that reference to Dr Rashad Khalifa in this instance applies to this generation. The verse and the chapter are on the right of the code signifying the fact that these revelations came to him when he was alive which is in the past. The verses (2:23-24) go together, however as you can see only verse (2:23) is used in this code. This is because Dr Rashad Khalifa is not alive to witness what is described in (2:24) since this code was done after his death. There are two similar set of verses in the Quran (2:23-24) & (10:38-39) with strong correlation between them, please look at the other instance to grasp the enormity of this code.

Level & Position are both "Disbelievers" .i.e. 7; the Level 7 signifies the innate disbelieve in most people, and Position 7 signifies specific disbelief in those who disbelieved after believing .i.e. the followers of Dr Rashad Khalifa, who refused to accept the refined miracle of 19 which was given to Al-Muzzammil. **Al-Muzzammil


(2:25) Give good news to those who believe and do good works that they will have gardens with flowing streams. When provided with a provision of fruits therein they will say "This is what was provided for us previously (In High Society)." and they are given therefrom the similar. They will have pure spouses therein and they abide therein forever


*(2:25); 90 584 348 2 25 = 4767597275.00 x 19; missing phrase "In High Society"; في المجتمع الراقي, fi almujtamae alrraqi; there respective geometric values are; 80+10=90  , 31+40+3+400+40+70=584, 31+200+1+100+10=342;

The Temporal connection puts the geometric value of "In High Society" first indicating the fact that the "High Society" still exists today. Indeed all humans who end up on earth taste the accursed tree Adam was not the only one. This fact is based on a simple fact that only the individual is responsible for his/her actions. This is common law of nature and the criminal law.

Level 9 Misconceptions clarified; the High Society is mentioned in the Quran twice in (37:8 & 38:69); the Quran readers will recognise this the place where we used to live all together before we were sent down to earth. Till now it has been doubtful what is meant by this phrase; "This is what was provided for us previously", this code removes all doubts and gives the location of the place where they tasted the fruit before! This place is the where the "High Society" lived before the creation of earth and before they were sent down to earth. However, the verse (2:25) is pointing towards the "Lower Heaven" where the non practicing Muslims will go, however they will receive the same fruit as they used to In the High Society". Thus the Position is quite rightly "Gift", indeed, those who do good works receive good rewards.**Al-Muzzammil


Quran and al Quran

 Inclusion of Humza;

Description: C:\Users\ijazc\AppData\Local\Temp\msohtmlclip1\02\clip_image001.jpg


 Al-Muzzammil has used geometric value of al Quran as stated above for the purpose of calculating miracle 19 codes for the following reason;

 When Al-Muzzammil started coding over 30 years ago Humza was not recognised by the believer community to be part of geometric value of Arabic letters. Indeed you can still see remnant of this in the Arabic Alphabet chart today! You will notice that it does not include Humza (please see the included chart)Description: C:\Users\ijazc\AppData\Local\Temp\msohtmlclip1\02\clip_image002.jpg).  Therefore it is no surprise that Al-Muzzammil adapted this trend using al Quran, الْقُرْآن without Humza in his calculations.

 However, today with the Grace of God it is a recognised method where some Quran words like الْقُرْآن, has Humza removed. This recognised method is called "Tajweed method of proper pronunciation of Quran". This makes Al-Muzzammil's method of calculation valid. Whether this is the way Prophet Muhammad recited the Quran or not is debateable. However, what is important is that this is a recognised way of interpretation of Arabic of the Quran which has been known to be used by some faculties around the world.  This method of interpretation of Arabic in the Quran becomes more relevant when we consider that when the Quran is recited it is pronounced “Tajweed” way.  1000's of valid codes have since been developed by Al-Muzzammil without the usage of Humza.

 Quran and al Quran;

The coding used by Al-Muzzammil involves both of these words. Quran has a specific meaning and al Quran has a specific meaning. Quran specifies the interpreted Quran, by virtue of the miracle of 19. al Quran is the original Quran without any interpretations.

 It is an undeniable fact that all translators of the Quran include words in the verses of the Quran to elaborate the meaning of that verse. Indeed so does Al-Muzzammil. However, the major difference between other translations and the translation done by Al-Muzzammil is that the translation done by Al-Muzzammil is verifiable. He includes the words in the Quran verses which have an element of authentication. This is done by means of the application of the miracle of 19. During the interpretation process of the Quran following 5 simple steps are followed;

 1.      First after establishing requirement for additions to the verse, a suitable word or phrase is chosen.

2.      This word or phrase is than translated into Arabic from its original language.

3.      Each word is then broken down to its individual Arabic letters.

4.      Each Arabic letter is then allocated its geometric value.

5.      The geometric value of each letter of the word is than added to give the final product a geometric value of that word. Please see example of two Arabic words conversion to its geometric value;

 The two words used to illustrate this mechanism are The Quran and Quran as follows;

 الْقُرْآنُ = 30 +1 + 100 + 200 + 1 + 50 = 382; al Quran or The Quran;

  قُرْآنُ = 100 + 200 + 1 + 50 = 351; Quran;

 There are many occasions in the Quran where the verse only says "Book". It becomes incumbent on the translator to define which book it is. In Al-Muzzammil’s translation the book could be any one of the following;

·        Torah

·        Injeel

·        Al Quran

·        Quran

 Keeping this in mind, Al-Muzzammil uses 4 different geometric values to give precise description of which book that verse is referring to. Whereas the other translators may use educated guess to describe which book it could be, Al-Muzzammil, confirms the name of the book mathematically, the language of truth.