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Climate change vs. Climate Action


Please watch this 1 minute video to get in mood of what is about to come;


Quran (7:32) Say "Who prohibited the nice things GOD has created for His creatures and the good provisions?" Say "Such provisions are to be enjoyed in this life by those who believe…

This is a simple but profound prospective for those who believe those who act for clean energy, for clean and good provisions produced by the planet without putting strain on it! On the other side are those who put constraints on environment for financial gain. The believers need to use action to convince these to relieve this pressure they put on the environment. And we can only achieve this in unity and by putting positive pressure on those who act on short term gains. Action inspires action. No matter who we are or what status we have in the society, if each one of us does our little bit, we can achieve a lot. Rain falls as drops, but when you gather all the drops look what it achieves it fills the reservoirs, creates underground wells for humans to extract water irrigate crops, supply food and drink for millions.

Tesco and Biodiversity

Dear Folks,

I sent the following video to Tesco Directors about two months ago without receiving a reply. This video concerns the everyday wastage of food by Tesco. The biggest consumers of food are the Western population. Supermarkets play a significant role in providing this food. The majority of the food comes from aboard. For the purpose of growing the crops deforestation takes place, which directly worsen the climate and biodiversity. Although this video is for Tesco, but the belief is that this idea could be propagated to other supermarkets. In this video attempt has been made to give a plausible solution to this issue. So please take part in this venture and contribute by commenting on it, it might make a difference to the world, where generation’s after us could benefit from our joint effort and by the efforts of all others who are also involved one way or another in ventures like this!

Could you please comment based on the following two criterion;

1)          Do you perceive the concept in this video plausible, if so do you think Tesco could benefit from it?


2)         If this idea apeal to you than do you think this idea could progess further to other supermarkets?

3)     Else if you think this idea could be improved further than please leave your suggestions here so that Tesco could benefit from it.

The hope is after sufficient comments have been received we forward this link to Tesco and hope they reply back, with some positive news!

The request to Tesco is to post their reply as a comment on this page so that all of us could view it.

Many thanks to each and every one of you in taking part in this venture.


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