The real allies are those who do Salat & Zakat;

By Ijaz Chaudry

 [5:55]  Your real allies are GOD and His messenger, and the believers who observe the Contact Prayers (Salat), and give the obligatory charity (Zakat), and they bow down.

 [17:26]  You shall give the due alms to the relatives, the needy, the poor, and the travelling alien, but do not be excessive, extravagant.

 [17:27]  The extravagant are brethren of the devils, and the devil is unappreciative of his Lord.

 [17:28]  Even if you have to turn away from them, as you pursue the mercy of your Lord, you shall treat them in the nicest manner.

      Tone of the Contact Prayers (Salat)

 [17:110]  Say, "Call Him GOD, or call Him the Most Gracious; whichever name you use, to Him belongs the best names." You shall not utter your Contact Prayers (Salat) too loudly, nor secretly; use a moderate tone.

 [17:111]  And proclaim: "Praise be to GOD, who has never begotten a son, nor does He have a partner in His kingship, nor does He need any ally out of weakness," and magnify Him constantly.


Who are the real allies of believers 5:55 clarifies this issue.  According to 5:55 there are three categories of entities which could be our allies.  God, His messenger, and the believer’s who read Salat and give Zakat.  Let’s look at each category.

 We all understand God to be an ally.  How about messenger being an ally?  Than who would be that, Messenger.  The messenger is Al-Muzzammil and the Quran based on the following codes;

 (73:1) is the chapter and verse number where Al-Muzzammil is mentioned, when we concatenate these with (5:55) we get complete multiple of 19. 

 5 55 73 1 = 19 x 29249

 Also take the gv of Quran 382 add verse 55 we get 437 = 23 x 19 confirming that the messenger in this verse is also Quran.  437 / 190 = 2 / 3

 Position 3 describes principle or rule clarified, in the absence of a human messenger, Quran is the messenger, thus those who do Salat & Zakat according to the Quran would be the real allies of the believers, thus this code clarifies this principle.

 The above code has Level 3 which means its Theme is “Include missing information”.  Once again the code revealed the name of the messenger in (5:55) to be the Quran, .i.e. included the missing information.

 Now lets look at the third category of entity which could be our ally the believers who read Salat and give Zakat.  There are many so called believers who read Salat and give Zakat but can all these be our allies or are there only few who read Salat in a particular way and pay Zakat in a particular way?

 17:110-111 describes Salat, add 110 & 111 we get 221 concatenate 5:55 we get = 5 55 17 221 = 2921959 x 19.  This proves what kind of Salat these allies should read and that is the one specified in 17:110-111 including reciting 17:111 in the Salat.  5 55 17 221 / 190 = 292195 / 9

 Position 9 describes “Provision” messenger (Quran), God, Zakat, and Salat are all provisions for the believers. 

 The Temporal connection is (5:55) left most meaning now thus (5:55) is for today’s believers and Salat they read today should be like mentioned in (17:110-111).  (17:110-111) right most is what the Salat should be like mentioned in (5:55).

 The Level for this code is 7 which has a Theme called “Disbelievers”.  Indeed those who do not do correct Salat and Zakat are the disbelivers.

 Now how about Zakat, most Muslim pay 2.5 % Zakat are these included in this category of allies.  No 17:26-28 is where the amount of Zakat to be paid is mentioned, which is as much or as little as one can afford without being to stingy or extravagant.  Add 26+27+28=81 concatenate 5:55 and 17:26-28 we get 5 55 17 81 = 292199 x 19.

This code confirms that these believers should follow 17:26-28 in payment of the amount of Zakat.  5 55 17 81 / 190 = 29219 / 9

 Once again Position 9 describes “Provisions” indeed Zakat (obligatory charity) is great provision for both the giver of Zakat and the receiver of Zakat. The one who gives Zakat gets psychological benefit from doing some good and God promises him/her great rewards now and in the Hereafter. The one who receives Zakat who needs it benefits from it by paying his/her debts. 17:26-28 right most true historically (because Zakat had been paid like this since Abraham’s time) also true now.

 The Level for this code is 6 which is Theme “Messenger Related” indeed this code is messenger related, the messengers involved are Rashad who advocated Zakat of 2.5% based on misinformation, the Muhammadan’s who also pay 2.5% and Al-Muzzammil who corrected the Zakat amount based on (17:26-28) and NOT being 2.5%.

The essence of this article is that all those who do not read Salat and pay Zakat from the Quran are not the true believers and that they cannot be totally trusted and that a believer could trust in the messenger in this instance Al-Muzzammil and God.

 Positions 1 to 9 and there descriptions;

Position                        Description

Position 1                     Scenario Described

Position 2                     Command used in various situations

Position 3                     Principle or Rule Clarified

Position 4                     Act of Righteousness

Position 5                     Gift from God

Position 6                     Caution

Position 7                     Disbelievers

Position 8                     Issues

Position 9                     Provision