By Ijaz Chaudry

Final Confirmation of Salat in code;

For many years I have been trying to get all the chapters and/or verses which we read in the Salat to concatenate or add and then divide completely by 19. The things I did wrong, was that I complicate the code to much, by including all Salat’s, obviously the code was very long and not verifiable by a layman. This was one of the reasons I could not find the correct code. Obviously God wanted us to verify the code easily.

 Then Mashalla (God’s gift) I did crack the code and it is for two unit Salat, this could be recognised as the basic unit of Salat which could then be made into 3 or 4 units. Here is the code;

 2 1 2 56 74 4 87 1 1 17 1 1 1 = 1118776045848269 * 19 or 2 1 2 56 74 4 87 1 1 17 1 1 1 /  190 = 111877604584826.9.

 Temporal connection the code is order of what should be recited first and what should be recited next in that order.  Position 9 describes Provision and Salat is provision from God to redeem ourselves. Two raka (unit) Fajer (Dawn) Salat.

  This number can be verified by calculator on the, computer which can compute uptil 32 digits.

The code constitutes of;

Example 2 raka above a basic unit of Salat;

Number of times we read Key in the Salat (2), the Key (chapter 1), number of times we bow and read 56:74 (2), number of times we read 87:1 while prostrating (4), number of times we read 17:111 in sitting position (1).

 Keeping the same format as we used for 2 unit Salat we look at Isha (Night) Salat this is because Night Salat include extra verses thus 2 unit Salat does not fit.  The code for Isha is as follows;

  4 1 4 5674 8 871 2 17111 17798081 = 19 x 2181934151116690061998999 or 4 1 4 5674 8 871 2 17111 17798081 / 190 = 218193415111669006199899.9.

 Temporal connection is in order of what should be recited in Salat first and then next. Position 9 describes Provision and Salat is provision from God to redeem ourselves.  Note that this Position is consistent with two unit code above.

 Example 4 raka Isha; Number of times read key in Salat 4, the chapter 1, number of times we bow and read 56:74, 4, and the chapter and verse number of times we prostrate and read 87:1 while prostrating, and chapter and verse, number of times we sit and read 17:111 etc 2, which are 17:111 and 17:79-81.

What about Maghrib (Sunset Salat) is that coded in the Quran?  Yes with the Mercy of God it is.  Since the above two codes establishes the structure of the Salat, thus we know the structure now, the Mughrib code uses addition of chapter and verses with how many times  each chapter and verse/verses are read. The code is as follows;

3 + 1 + 3 + 56 + 74 + 6 + 87 + 1 + 2 + 17 + 111 = 361 = 19 x 19 or 361 / 190 = 1.9

There is no temporal connection in the code.

The Position is 9 once again. This is not a coincidence but a finely tuned structure of the Quran controlled by the God Almighty. This also shows that the mathematical codes are divinely controlled by God the Most Wise.

Glory, be to God.

 Why is the Salat numbers not in the codes;

All traditional Muslims take it for granted that there are five daily prayers (Salats) in a day. However, when you read the Quran you find out that nowhere in the Quran it stipulates that there are five Salats. The only way we know that there are five Salats is because the Quran mentions five different times during the day and the night when we should read Salat. It is true there are five different times which means that there would be five Salats, but because Quran does not stipulate five Salats categorically, it means that we need to do the Salats only if those times of the day are available to us. In some countries we can read Salat five times and in other countries we can’t.

Therefore question might be asked why there is no Salat number in the codes used, i.e. Fajer should be 1 and Isha should be 5, wrong, Fajer is not always 1, because in some Polar countries in some parts of the year, Fajer cannot be read, similarly Isha cannot be read. This means that Zuhr is 1 and if there is Isha then it would be number 4. Hence it is God’s immense Wisdom that the codes do not require the Salat numbers, this of course is an example of how precise is the Quran and the codes within. These codes verify all the steps in the salat Mashalla!!

 (16:98) tells us to seek refuge in God from Satan before reading the Quran. Indeed these Salat’s are indeed totally based on the Quran. Therefore we must do what (16:98) tells us to do.

 However, there is significant point raised here which is that the above codes conclude that Salat’s are coded without the usage of (16:98).  Why is that?

 The reason why Salat’s are coded this way goes back to 6 century the time of Muhammad and the order of revelation of the Quran. We know that Muhammad was aware of the Miracle of 19 (74:30-31), because (74:31) talks about ...disbelievers; they will say, "What did GOD mean by this allegory? ...while describing what the miracle is. We know that Muhammad was not a disbeliever therefore he would have understood the allegory which describes this miracle. Hence it is a fair assumption that he was using this miracle to decipher the Salat details as well as other information from the Quran. All Salat details except (16:98) & (23:97-98) were revealed before chapter 18 (please read article “God revealed all Salat details before chapter 18”. Except (16:98) & (23:97-98) the order of revelation were 70 & 74 respectively ‘(16:98) is a instruction while (23:97-98) the actual wording of how to take refuge in God from Satan’. 

 Since chapter 17 was the last chapter which had all the details of Salat, the order of revelation of chapter 17 was 50.  Thus chapter 70 & 74 came later; Muhammad was reading Salat without the usage of (16:98) & (23:97-98).

 Now 16 98 23 97 98 = 89381042 x 19 this code confirms what to say .i.e. (23:97-98). Since this code and the Salat codes above are all multiple of 19, when you add or concatenate this code with the codes above you get another code which is also completely multiple of 19 as you observe below;

 Two Raka Salat;

 16 98 23 97 98 2 1 2 56 74 4 87 1 1 17 111 = 8938104201118776045848269 x 19

 Four Raka Isha;

 16 98 23 97 98 4 1 4 56 74 8 87 1 2 17 111 17 79 80 81 = 0893810420218193415111669006199899 x 19

 Three Raka Mughrib;

 16 98 23 97 98 + 3 + 1 + 3 + 56 + 74 + 6 + 87 + 1 + 2 + 17 + 111 = 1698240159 = 89381061 x 19 or 1698240159 / 190 = 8938106.1

The, trend of the codes suggest that if the code is sum of the entities in that code then it is an application. Thus 3 raka Mughrib is application of units between 2 units and 4 units which becomes 3 units. Position is 1 which is “Scenario described”, indeed 3 Raka Salat is another scenario of the basic block of 2 Raka Salat.

 The Salat came to Muhammad in two stages details of Salat before chapter 18 and then there was a pause and details of Salat after chapter 17 (order of revelation 50) which appear in chapter (16:98) (order of revelation 70:98) and (23:97-98) (order of revelation 74:97-98). Thus for some time Muhammad and his followers were reading Salat without (23:97-98).

 Verification of Salat Units;

 [30:17]  Therefore, you shall glorify GOD when you reach the evening, and when you rise in the morning.

[30:18]  All praise is due to Him in the heavens and the earth, at night, as well as in the middle of your day.

 There are four Salat’s mentioned in above two verses, Mughrib, Fjer, Isha, and Zuher.  When we take Farz (obligatory units) from these four Salat’s and concatenate with the two verses and the chapter number we get multiple of 19.  Confirming first that these two verses are talking about Salat and secondly the order of Farz (obligatory units), of the Salat’s coincide with order of Salat’s mentioned in these two verses. There is direct correlation between the time of Salat and the Units read in that Salat. Although 2 4 4 3 4 is also multiple of 19, 1286 x 19, this code with (30:17-18) is the first to correlate the particular times of Salat with specific Salat.

 3 2 4 4 30 17 18 = 170752722 x 19

 Temporal connection in this code is that the units were used recently to go with these two verses whilst, the chapter and the verses came over 1400 years ago.

 Position 2 is “Command used in various situations”, indeed these two verses are commands to the believers to do Salat’s.

 Final proof of five Salats and its Raka’s in Order;

      The Contact Prayers (Salat)

 [29:45]  You shall recite what is revealed to you of the scripture, and observe the Contact Prayers (Salat), for the Contact Prayers prohibit evil and vice. But the remembrance of GOD (through Salat) is the most important objective.* GOD knows everything you do.

 This verse advocates the reciting of all Salat’s, when we concatenate the Farz with the same order as Salat starting from Fjer and ending with Isha, we get multiple of 19;

 2 4 4 3 4 29 45 = 12860155 x 19 or 1286015 / 5

 Temporal connection, Salats should be read in this order now most recent thus left most, (29:45) revealed 1400 years ago thus historic.

 Position five describe “Gift” indeed Salat’s are Gift from God.

 The Level for this code is 7 which, has Theme Disbelievers, indeed this revelation will not be accepted by the disbelievers including those who persist that Quran only asks us to read 3 Salats a day.  This fact has been falsified here clearly.

Is making Intention for all Salat’s valid according to the Quran:

Yes it seems it is. Please read the following;

[62:9]  O you who believe, when the Congregational Prayer (Salat Al-Jumu`ah) is announced on Friday, you shall hasten to the commemoration of GOD, and drop all business. This is better for you, if you only knew.

 Looking at the situation abovein (62:9) and looking in the light of the Quran we can assume intention should be made before doing all Salat’s however this fact in the Quran is not written in black and white. Quran talks about “perceiving” in the light of the Quran in the following verse;

 [5:101]  O you who believe, do not ask about matters which, if revealed to you prematurely, would hurt you. If you ask about them in light of the Quran, they will become obvious to you. GOD has deliberately overlooked them. GOD is Forgiver, Clement.

 There is correlation between the above two verses, both these verses are unique, i.e. not found in the Quran elsewhere when we concatenate the verses they are complete multiple of 19;

 9 101 = 479 X 19, this code confirms strong correlation between the two verses, eliminating any doubt regarding the mentioning of intention of Salat before every Salat. (62:9) confirms a call or intention of Jumma should be made, whilst (5:101) confirms that the intention mentioned in (62:9) can be projected into making intentions for all Salat based on the fact we look at this point in the light of the Quran i.e. (62:9) and what it implies to the wider sense.

We have successfully discussed and confirmed above that the making of “Intension for Salat” is a valid proposition, now we need to establish what exactly one has to say when making this “Intension”? Since call to Jumma prayers is only mention in (62:9) and nowhere else in the Quran and we know Quran is fully detailed (10:37), we can safely assume that all the details are already in the worldly dimensions about this call.

So we look and copy the call made for Jumma prayers done by the majority of Muslims with slight change. Since we are looking at this “Call” in the light of the Quran based on the code and explanation regarding (5:101) & (62:9) above .i.e. 9 101 = 479 X 19; and the Quran only prescribes worship of God Alone, we will take the mentioning of  “Muhammad” out of this “Call”, so that this “Call” is completely devoted to God Alone.

Based on these facts the “Call” becomes;

Allah Hoakbar Allah Hoakbar La Ellaha Ella Allah after saying that one has to make intentions clear by saying which Salat they are about to read and how many Rakah that Salat consists of. For example for Fejr Salat one would say;

Allah Hoakbar Allah Hoakbar La Ellaha Ella Allah 2 Rakah Salat Fejr.

   Statistical Analysis of the Code:

Positions 1 to 9 and there descriptions;



Position 1

Scenario Described

Position 2

Command used in various situations

Position 3

Principle or Rule Clarified

Position 4

Act of Righteousness

Position 5

Gift from God

Position 6


Position 7


Position 8


Position 9


 The verses from the Quran used in this article;

 [1:1]  In the name of GOD, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

[1:2]  Praise be to GOD, Lord of the universe.

[1:3]  Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

[1:4]  Master of the Day of Judgment.

[1:5]  You alone we worship; You alone we ask for help.

[1:6]  Guide us in the right path;

[1:7]  the path of those whom You blessed; not of those who have deserved wrath, nor of the strayers.

 [2:238]  You shall consistently observe the Contact Prayers, especially the middle prayer, and devote yourselves totally to GOD.

 [16:98]  When you read the Quran, you shall seek refuge in GOD from Satan the rejected.

 [17:79]  During the night, you shall meditate for extra credit, that your Lord may raise you to an honourable rank.

[17:80]  And say, "My Lord, admit me an honourable admittance, and let me depart an honourable departure, and grant me from You a powerful support."

[17:81]  Proclaim, "The truth has prevailed, and falsehood has vanished; falsehood will inevitably vanish."

 [17:111]  And say: "Praise be to GOD, who has never begotten a son, nor does He have a partner in His kingship, nor does He need any ally out of weakness," and magnify Him constantly.

  [23:97]  Say, "My Lord, I seek refuge in You from the whispers of the devils.

 [23:98]  "And I seek refuge in You, my Lord, lest they come near me."

 [25:1]  Most blessed is the One who revealed the Statute Book to His servant, so he can serve as a warner to the whole world.

 [29:45]  You shall recite what is revealed to you of the scripture, and observe the Contact Prayers (Salat), for the Contact Prayers prohibit evil and vice. But the remembrance of GOD (through Salat) is the most important objective.* GOD knows everything you do.

 [[30:17]  Therefore, you shall glorify GOD when you reach the evening, and when you rise in the morning.

[30:18]  All praise is due to Him in the heavens and the earth, at night, as well as in the middle of your day.

  [56:74]  You shall glorify the name of your Lord, the Great.

  [74:30]  Over it is nineteen.*

 [74:31]  We appointed angels to be guardians of Hell, and we assigned their number (19) (1) to disturb the disbelievers, (2) to convince the Christians and Jews (that this is a divine scripture), (3) to strengthen the faith of the faithful, (4) to remove all traces of doubt from the hearts of Christians, Jews, as well as the believers, and (5) to expose those who harbour doubt in their hearts, and the disbelievers; they will say, "What did GOD mean by this allegory?" GOD thus sends astray whomever He wills, and guides whomever He wills. None knows the soldiers of your Lord except He. This is a reminder for the people.

 [87:1]  Glorify the name of your Lord, the Most High.