Nineteen based code in the Quran is a revelation from God;

By Ijaz Chaudry

[4:56]  Surely, those who disbelieve in our revelations, we will condemn them to the hellfire. Whenever their skins are burnt, we will give them new skins. Thus, they will suffer continuously. GOD is Almighty, Most Wise.


The above verse when concatenated with any number which is multiple of 19, is itself complete multiple of 19.  The above verse states the consequences for the disbelievers for not believing in God’s revelations.  Thus 19 based codes are another revelation in which believers should believe in.


4 56 / 19 = 24 x 19 or 4 56 / 190 = 2 / 4


The Position 4 describes “Act of righteousness” in deed believing in God’s revelation’s is an act of righteousness.  The Level is 3 which is Theme “Include missing information” indeed this code confirms that (4:56) is to do with the Miracle of 19 and that disbelieving in it is an eternal sin.  Thus the code includes this missing information.


4 56 19 = 2401 * 19


This is an overwhelming sign in which 4:56 would when concatenated with any code from the Quran would be multiple of 19.  Proving each code to be a revelation, let me give you one example we know that Moses did Hajj at the Sacred Mosque in Mecca. Following is the code for this event;


[28:27]  He said, "I wish to offer one of my two daughters for you to marry, in return for working for me for eight pilgrimages; if you make them ten, it will be voluntary on your part. I do not wish to make this matter too difficult for you. You will find me, GOD willing, righteous."


Geometric value of Sacred House = 751 and verse where Moses is found to do Hajj is 28:27 when put together we get;


28 27 751 = 148829 * 19 the confirmation of the fact, but how can we be sure that this is a revelation from God.  All we need to do is concatenate this code with 4:56 above which states the fact that you should believe in His revelations and 28:27 is one of those revelations and divide by 19 we get complete multiple of 19;


28 27 751 4 56 = 148829024 * 19


Thus any properly co-ordinated codes which conform to coding methodology is a revelation from God, because when it is put together with 4:56 will always be multiple of 19, a great sign.