All believers need assurance;

By Ijaz Chaudry


From these verses and a nineteen based code we can prove that today’s believers do receive assurances through the miracle of nineteen.


     Every Believer Needs Assurance


[2:260] Abraham said, "My Lord, show me how You revive the dead." He said, "Do you not believe?" He said, "Yes, but I wish to reassure my heart." He said, "Take four birds, study their marks, place a piece of each bird on top of a hill, then call them to you. They will come to you in a hurry. You should know that GOD is Almighty, Most Wise."


     One of the Great Miracles


[74:35] this is one of the great miracles.


We know from Abraham’s example in 2:260 that all believers need assurance from God.   So how does today’s believer receive assurance from God? The answer is among other things through His miracle of 19.  The above two verses when concatenated are multiple of nineteen thus confirming this fact.


2 260 74 35 = 1189865 x 19 or 2 260 74 35 / 190 = 118986 / 5


The Temporal Connection, 2:260 being left most .i.e. most recent, because this verse sets up the scenario and what we want to prove by this code which is that we all need assurance from God of our belief like Abraham did. While (74:35) is how we can be provided by that assurance by finding codes in the Quran and finding new information from the Quran. The Position 5 describes “Gift”, indeed assurances from God in the shape of miracle of 19 for today’s believers is indeed gift from God.


The Level is 6 which is Theme “Messenger related”, indeed this code relates to Abraham who was a messenger thus the Level 6 and Theme “Messenger related” agrees with this scenario.