Al-Muzzammil rejects some revelations given to him;

By Ijaz Chaudry

I would first like to contest the translation of (11:12) by Rashad.  This is not to discriminate Rashad rather to acknowledge the fact that better understanding of this verse was to be done after Rashad by Al-Muzzammil.


The earlier translation by Rashad is as follows;


[11:12] You may tend to disregard some of that which is revealed to you, and you may be annoyed by it when they say, “How come no treasure comes down to him, or an angel?” You are only a Warner; God controls all things.


In the above translation it has been interpreted that the messenger was annoyed because of what the disbelievers said in bold above.


In the following translation by Rashad which came later the context of the verse is changed, the emphasis is that messenger wishes to disregard some of the revelations because of it he is annoyed see in bold below;


[11:12] you may wish to disregard some of that which is revealed to you, and you may be annoyed by it. Also, they may say, "How come no treasure comes down to him, or an angel?" You are only a warner; GOD controls all things.


The correct translation as I can envisage is as follows;


[11:12] you may tend to disregard some of that which is revealed to you, and you may be annoyed by it.  Also when they say, “How come no treasure comes down to him, or an angel?” You are only a Warner; God controls all things.


So emphasis above is that the messenger gets annoyed whenever he rejects some revelations and whenever, the disbelievers say “How come no treasure comes down to him, or an angel?”


So now I hope you can see the indecisiveness in the two translations by Rashad... in the first translation above it seems awkward for a messenger to disregard God’s revelations therefore Rashad put emphasis on what the disbelievers are saying.  In the second translation above the emphasis is on “wish” to disregard hence he is annoyed by it.


However (11:12) is addressing Al-Muzzammil see the code below;


Gv of Al-Muzzammil = 148

11 + 12  + 148 = 171 = 19 x 9 or 171 / 190 = 0.9


Position 9 describes, provisions, indeed messengers are there to provide guidance to the believers…


The Level is 2 which is Theme “Related to righteousness” thus the context of the verse (11:12) in the above code relates to righteousness, because it is okay to reject some revelations in order to perfect the revelations. In this occasion the two translations by Rashad were not quite right thus Al-Muzzammil’s translation fit the bill. Thus the revelations evolve in this instance which is all part of righteousness.


It is not coincidental that the code above 171 used to be the divisor to find Positions in the code which was rejected later and replaced by 190.


This code confirms that (11:12) is addressing Al-Muzzammil and indeed Al-Muzzammil did reject some revelations…


This happened in 2008.  Up till 2008 all my Level & Position calculations were based on the division by 171, however in 2008 whilst discussions with a Christian colleague at work I found out that division by 171 were incorrect because of the rounding error, thus the calculations were resorted to division by 190 which was much more correct. Thus I Ijaz Chaudry alias Al-Muzzammil rejected the previous calculations where the divisor was 171 and had to recalculate code with the new divisor 190, which meant a lot of tidying up and gave sense of annoyance.


As we know all revelations come from God, however, God test the believers with incomplete revelations sometimes and depending on the result of the test and how genuine is the recipient, sends complete revelations which improves and corrects the revelations which were sent in the first place.  And that is exactly what happened in finding out the correct divisor for the Miracle of 19 codes.  One needs to accept any revelation sent by God and God will then perfect his revelations.  This is only one example where Al-Muzzammil rejected the revelations, there are more like this for example some of the translations of the Quran by Rashad had also being questioned.  Thus the followers of Rashad will also get annoyed when they have to reject some of his translation of the Quran because they want to stay loyal to him.  Also these same people will find it difficult to accept any new revelation after Rashad.  Similarly the followers of Muhammad will also be annoyed by any new revelations and would reject them.  Thus although (11:12) is specific to the messengers, it sets precedence for the believers, hence Muhammadan’s and Rashadian’s will reject some revelations of God and be annoyed by these new revelations, these revelations will be the ones revealed to Al-Muzzammil.


And it was also true for Rashad who must have rejected some revelations before accepting others;


Gv Rashad = 505


505 11 12 = 265848 x 19 or 505 11 12 / 190 = 26584.8


Temporal connection gv Rashad left most which means more recent; this is true because it happened to Rashad before it happened to Al-Muzzammil. (11:12) right most because these verses were revealed to Muhammad first long time ago. Position 8 describes issues, indeed there is issue with the translation of this verse by Rashad.  The Level is 6 which is Theme “Messenger related”, indeed this verse (11;12) is specific to two messengers Rashad and Al-Muzzammil and a precedence set for the believers.


The Miracle of 19: Impossible to Imitate


[11:13]  If they say, "He fabricated (Miracle of 19)," tell them, "Then produce ten suras like these, fabricated, and invite whomever you can, other than GOD, if you are truthful."*


Also (11:13) is talking about miracle of 19 rather than the Quran, see the code below;


74:35 where the miracle of 19 is mentioned;


11 + 13 + 74 + 35 = 133 = 19 x 7 or 133 / 190 = 0.7


Position 7 describes, disbelievers, indeed this verse is addressing disbelievers.  The Level is 2 which is Theme “Related to righteousness”, indeed the Miracle of 19 can lead to righteousness.