Miracle of 19, step by step coding summary;

By Ijaz Chaudry

General note;

Miracle of 19 works with diverse data derived from Quran; in essence any 19 based codes using the methods defined below when divide by number 19 completely is a valid code, which reveals new information a revelation from God. This is domain of any sincere believer with knowledge of the Quran. All codes should make common sense, like chapter before verse etc. should be consistent and should be traceable.

Coding mechanism;

Coding with chapter and verse/s;


Chapter verse/s Chapter verse/s

Chapter verse/s Chapter verse/s

You can add verses and concatenate with chapter, however both chapter verses have to be added;

Verse1 + Verse2 = total

Verse1 + Verse2 = total

Chapter total Chapter total

Chapter total Chapter total

However, if one side has one verse and the other total or more than one verse than that is okay.

Swap in order to find the code.

You can use verse/s on their, own to make up the code however, these verses should be unique throughout the Quran for traceability reasons. The traceability for such verses will be enhanced by the Position, Level, Temporal connection, the number of the verse and the context in the explanation by which this code was established. We will take the verse number and look at all chapters for that verse and compare above mentioned criteria to find the unique verse, or verses. Whilst looking for unique verse/s we find that we have more than one similar verse/s, we can accept the first occurrence of this verse/s from the group of similar verse/s.

How to sum up chapter and verses;

We cannot sum up partially, when you add chapter and verse/s both Chapter verse/s are added together to give one total which should than be multiple of 19. You should not use part summed up and part not summed up chapters and verses in a code see the example below for the right way;

Chapter + verse1 + verse2 + chapter verse1 + verse2 = Total


Coding with chapter verse/s and geometric values;

Arabic words should be addition of the gv’s of each letter in the Arabic word but this gv should be separate for each Arabic word when concatenated. When the gv is on the left of the code they should be in the respective order the way they were found for example let’s say A B C are three Arabic words gv’s so when we code we will place them as A B C on the left and on the right there will be chapter and verse/s or unique verse/s. But when the gv’s of Arabic words are on the right and chapter and verse/s on the left than you would write gv’s as C B A in the reverse order. This has to do with the temporal connection (related to time). When we move from left to right in a code we are traveling from future or today into history and historically speaking Quran was revealed in Arabic which is written from right to left thus you write C B A. This method has been used all over the place in the Quran translation and it has worked each time. So one might ask why do we not do the same when chapter and verse/s numbers are, used? When using the chapter and verse/s we do not apply this constraint because at the time of the revelation of the Quran there were no number system, the number systems were found much later thus it is relatively modern concept, hence the reason for this constraint not being used. Hence it appears chapter first and then verse or verses.

 A B C Chapter verse/s or total of verses

Chapter verse/s or total of verses C B A

You can also sum up all geometric values of Arabic words and chapter and verse/s to find the code.


Peculiar code;

From time to time some odd codes appear such as the following example where within the code the in between verse is missed, the same rules apply as “summing” and concatenation of the verses;

9                105  Say "Work; GOD will see your work and so will His messenger and the believers. Ultimately  you will be returned to the Knower of all secrets and declarations then He will inform you of everything you had done."                      

9                106  Others are waiting for GOD's decision; He may punish them or He may redeem them. GOD is Omniscient Most Wise.               

9                107  There are those who abuse the masjid by practicing idol worship dividing the believers and providing comfort to those who oppose GOD and His messenger. They solemnly swear: "Our intentions are honourable!" GOD bears witness that they are liars.


*105 + 107 +92 = 304 = 16 X 19; 92 is geometric value of Muhammad; Position 6 is “Caution” indeed caution is involved to understand this code because it skips one verse and has a chapter number missing in this code. However, the verses are unique. This type of coding is not common in the Quran, therefore caution is involved to understand it. **Kate Sikkema an new believer founder of this code.


*148 9 105 107 = 78373953 X 19; gv of Al-Muzzammil is 148; Position is 3 “Principle or Rule clarified”, the coding trend is that the verses should have word “messenger” in it to be valid code for a messenger. However, when you read (9:108) you will understand the “principle” clarification which is that we are not allowed to pray in a mosque which is occupied by disbelievers. The code above for Muhammad is a sum which means it is application of the context of the verses, that is that Muhammad in his life time with his followers did not do Hajj until he conquered Mecca, because Kabaa was occupied by disbelievers. This code with Al-Muzzammil is emphasising the same fact do not do Hajj while Mecca is occupied by disbelievers.  Whilst Dr Rashad Khalifa did do Hajj at the start of his messengership, which is the reason for his geometric value not being multiple with these verses; **Kate Sikkema an new believer founder of this code.


9              108         You shall never pray in such a masjid. A masjid that is established on the basis of righteousness from the first day is more worthy of your praying therein. In it there are people who love to be purified. GOD loves those who purify themselves.

So what is traceability of the code mean?

Basically “traceability” in this context would be defined as calculation of the code to its original source. So we are talking about numbers which have been driven from codes by dividing the codes by number 19 and conversion of those numbers back to the original codes with their identifiable entities intact.

To convert these numbers back to its original form there are two requirements; one, multiply the number by 19; two, use the explanation of the code to break it into different entities please see the following examples;

1)      Concatenated codes; one; 21775949 x 19 = 413743031; two, we have got the code back now lets us see the explanation which is; The verse (74:30-31) is where the miracle of 19 is mentioned and its function one of which is to remove doubt in the Quran. When we concatenate this with (41:3) we get complete multiple of 19; so we know from the explanation that there are two entities in the code (41:3) and (74:30-31); now we simply break the code into the chapter/verse/s; 41 3 74 30 31; thus the code is traced back to its original form.

2)      Sum of the entities; one; 9 X 19 = 171; two; we have got the code back now let us see the explanation which is; Missing words “from GOD” or Min Allah their respective gv’s are 90 & 66, concerning (2:6-7); so we know chapter 2 and verses 6 & 7 is included in this code also the total sum of geometric values of “Min Allah” 90 & 66 is also added to it so when we do that we get 2 + 6 + 7 + 66 + 90 = 171 which is the original code before division by 19 was done.

We know that if we keep chapter/s or verse/s numbers intact than we keep the traceability of the code alive. However, as soon as we start separating the chapter/s or verse/s numbers into its individual digits we lose the traceability of the code. For the proper Miracle 19 methodology “traceability” is one of the sensible and more logical steps forward.

Other concepts relating to coding;

Four concepts to consider as axioms or proof for the codes;

1)      Position

2)      Level

3)      Temporal connection

4)      Application – when the code is found by adding entities, it loses “Temporal connection” but gains “Application”, which means that the context of that verse has been applied to or applied by the other entity in the code, which could be a messenger or some other entity.

5)      Association – when the code consists of concatenation of the entities the relationship of the entity/s with the context of the verse/s is association. Associated code gains “Temporal Connection”.

All these concepts have been defined in the main article except Application which has been briefly described above…


Some do’s and don’ts of using the Miracle of 19:

·         Mishmash is not allowed in coding, code should be as consistent as possible; things like code consisting totally of chapters and verses, cannot suddenly have geometric value of chapter; however saying that the geometric value of Basmillah can be introduced in the code, because it is free standing; what it means is that it does not have verse number in majority; therefore that is acceptable.

·         Whole number used in the code should not have zero before the number, only zero or zeros are allowed behind that number, unless it is fixed format like date where 04041960 is allowed also 40, and 400 are valid whole numbers but not 04 or 004.

·         If the context of the verse is plural but the geometric value of the entity used in the code singular than that code would be reckoned to be inconsistent and not valid.

·          The order of geometric value entities in the code is specific to the chapter and verse used in the code; if the geometric value entities appears first in the code going from left to right, then the order of sequence of geometric values remains the same as the geometric values calculated in the first place in respect to the position of Arabic words. However when the chapter and verse is first reading from left to right in the code then the geometric values will be reversed. This happens because, when the chapter and verse is left most it means that they were there before the event happened, therefore because the geometric value entities came after the revelation of those verses and Arabic is written right to left we reverse the order of the geometric values however, keeping their position consistent; for example geometric values 1, 2, 3, and 4, chapter 30, verse 20; first instance code will appear; 1234 30 20; second instance code will appear; 30 20 4321.

·         No other coding method is mentioned in the Quran except the Miracle of 19 in (74:30-35) therefore no other coding material is acceptable to us; the disbelievers will come up with various other codes but do not be perturbed by it such as; 2+79=81;41+40=81;81-------> 8+1= 9 ( referring to chapter 9 i.e sura at-tawbah ); 81-------> 9x9 = 92  ( chapter 9 carries two false verses ) Not valid.

·         731 1230 12108 = 38480158532 x 19; is an invalid code because it is a mix of sum of geometric values and chapter/verse; since 1230 = 725 + 505; the whole code needs to be sum of all terms for the code to be correct.

·         9+41+(40+41)+74+(30+31) = 266 = 14 x9; inconsistent code; chapter 9 on its own while all other chapters are with the verses; not acceptable.

·         The position and Level should correlate with the context of the verse; else there could be something wrong with the code; go back reassess the code; most likely it is wrong.

·         7 172 32 9 = 377491 x 19; not make sense there is no correlation between the two verses however the code is multiple of 19; this is to confuse the disbelievers; this code is rejected.

·         This is the coding trend that the names of Arabic entities are sum of the geometric values of the letters of that word, this has been done since Dr. Rashad Khalifa first introduced this Miracle; individual geometric values of the letters of the entities cannot be used in the codes. Exceptions are “or”, “and” etc.

·         There are some words specific to the Quran, like Zakat (obligatory charity) and Salat (the five daily prayers) also the names of the prophets etc. which cannot be replaced by new Arabic names in the codes because that will distort the meaning of these codes and the codes would confuse believers so DON’T do it.

·         What is the mathematical trend to do with the verses where the joining word “and” is implicit? When there is one verse in the code and it starts with an “And”, then the coding mechanism allows it to be coded on its own. If the start verse has no “and” in it but subsequent verses has “and” in it we need to consider all the verses with “and” in it be included in the code with this start verse.