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Welcome to Al-Muzzammil (The Cloaked) site.

The twentieth and twenty first century has been revolution for development of Islam. For centuries before people had to rely on sources like Hadith and Sunna for religious guidance. But since twentieth century things have changed.

This is the era of science and evidence, every aspect of our lives today have to go through scrutiny and justification scientifically to establish that aspect to be correct. We are not in the era where word of mouth is enough to reassure us of any aspect of our lives not to mention the most important aspect of our life the religion of Islam.

Therefore in the wake of this scientific revolution we had Islamic revolution, where by The Quran and only The Quran is confirmed to be source for religious guidance. One might ask how Quran alone can be enough for religious guidance. The answer is simple Quran has inbuilt mechanism to protect and produce old and new information respectively, by the usage of simple mathematics.

Before I carry on any further I would like to explain who I am;

Who is Ijaz Chaudry?

It is widely held but false belief that Prophet Muhammad was a final messenger please read the following verse from the Quran;

(33:40) Muhammad was not a father of any man among you. He was a messenger of God and the final Prophet. God is fully aware of all things.

Please note the wordings in the second last sentence; it is clear that Prophet Muhammad was final Prophet but not the final messenger.

Prophets receive books like Torah, and Quran and messengers give message from those books. Since Muhammad was a messenger and a final Prophet Quran is final word of God but there have been messengers after him.

Ijaz Chaudry is the worldly name for the messenger prophesised in (33:7) where covenant was made between 5 prophets and a messenger that after the advent of the messenger of the covenant this messenger will come. This messenger and covenant was given a go ahead with the Grace of God sometime in 1980’s where Prophet Muhammad personified this covenant on behalf of the 5 prophets in a dream to Ijaz Chaudry. 30 years later this dream (vision) has come true and this messenger with Quranic name of Al-Muzzammil is here spreading the message of worship of God alone using Quran. This website is work of this messenger the ultimate truth. His name is coded in the Quran as Al-Muzzammil.

Now in my brief introduction to the website I want you to get inspired by this true story of one young lady and her journey to Islam as a follower of Quran alone to worship God alone;

My Journey to Islam by Kate Sikkema

Now going back to earlier; (74:30-35) is where conformation of this mathematics is defined. It is described as one of the great miracles. All one has to do is to divide codes by nineteen, if they fully divide by this number than that code has been verified to be correct. How does this miracle work?

How do we know that all we need is the Quran for our religious guidance? Several times the Quran stipulates that it is fully detailed. Thus it is logical to assume that if the Quran is fully detailed and it is religious book than it should contain all the relevant information regarding our religion Islam. Based on over 20 years research there are hundreds of examples of nineteen based codes in the Quran, which clarify and confirm all aspects of Islam. Including how to do Salat, Fasting, Pilgrimage (Hajj) when and how much, Obligatory Charity (Zakat) to give to poor and needy, and Proclamation (Shaadah) all totally obtained from the Quran using the mathematical Miracle of nineteen.

There are several features in this web site which would interest the believers, one such feature I would like to mention is on page “Groups & The Quran” and fundamentally it is to do with witnessing the most amazing phenomenon of the 21st Century. A book over 1400 years old lives by the rules of modern math's The Group Theory. This is indeed an ultimate proof of existence of God. Since God knower of all things did know how the Group Theory will work in 21st Century, thus revealing the book (Quran) with inbuilt pattern which will encompass the Group Theory. The Cyclic Group Theory means to explain the hidden truths in the Quran, which would otherwise remain hidden. Thus for the sincere believer this knowledge is a great gift.

The Quran and Quran Alone is sufficient for our salvation, there is no requirement for any other source for detailed guidance to Islam anymore.

This website is totally based on the Quran and what it has revealed to us about Islam using the Miracle of nineteen. There is PDF copy of Latest and Most Modern Translation of the Quran on the Messenger Related page. This translation includes latest scientific facts like “Higgs Mechanism” which was confirmed by scientists at CERN in 2012 in verses (41:10-11), “Coriolis Effect” (wind manipulation due to rotation of the Earth) mentioned in (45:4-5) and there are hundreds of new and pertinent scientific, social and religious facts in this translation. You can copy this translation for free and gain knowledge of Islam as never been gained for centuries.